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  1. iameinheld

    A question

    Not sure if this has been asked already: If i get into a loading screen for a group match, like a rPvE match, will the game start no matter what? Sometime i experience very, very long loading screens and iam not sure if maybe a member of the group left or something. Am i supposed to leave the game or should i wait? if i stay in the loading screen will the match start or will i just endlessly wait for nothing to happen?
  2. iameinheld


    Making Battleground more difficult is kind of a hard challange. Since you know what you have to expect on t2, t3 and t4 (at least most of it) you can prepare very well for it. So the making it actually harder would only punish newer player, because people who know what to expect will be prepared. In order to really make Battleground harder you would have to get some kind of RNG going in it, so you can not prepare that well. I think this is a very big task. If you now spam more units or tower into the bases, you will only slow down battleground, because people will spend more time on getting more/stronger units. So you ether need to create some kind of RNG or you will punish newer player and less informed player to the game..... So i do not expect a higher dificulty in the new BaFo : ))
  3. iameinheld

    Imgur advertising

    Yea might be correct. Was just thinking about it. But if you advertise it you should defenetly link one of thos footages i think... People will be lazy : ) Good work : )
  4. iameinheld

    Imgur advertising

    Does it make sence to advertise a game thats not released yet?
  5. iameinheld

    Selection for Alpha test

    Yea had something like this on my mind. So with all those good reasons, i think we should not care too much about who gets into alpha and who not x D
  6. iameinheld

    Selection for Alpha test

    I wouldnt think too much about all this stuff... I also got (maybe iam wrong here and mention it wrong) in my mind, that they want to mainly test the server. So there will be a few people on it : ) And at the end, i think they made their thought up what they do and we should just be thankfull that there is someone trying to bring bafo back, sooner or later : p
  7. iameinheld

    Your favorite Two-Orb Card

    Hard to tell there are so many cool things on T2... I would call out burrower because he was just cool : )
  8. iameinheld

    Best Player ever

    Kinda hard to compare player who maybe didnt even play active at the same time and played completely different decks : o
  9. iameinheld

    Skytrias' youtube Channel

    I actually think playing 1v1 would be more fun to watch. On 2v2 you will have less time to explain stuff and it will be in generell more stressed. You have to talk to your mate and stuff. But we will see, i think everyone is looking for some more content : )
  10. iameinheld

    Which was your favorite PvE map?

    Bad Harvest was very awesome, especially on hardmode : )
  11. iameinheld

    ingame avatars ?

    Never heared of those avatars i think...?
  12. iameinheld

    favorite 5 cards

    Scavenger Sunstriders Dreadcharger Magma Hurler Ashbone Pyro Best boys ingame : )
  13. iameinheld

    T1 Fire vs X Guide?

    A free guide yes or no. Well even if this would be a guide about how to play the most unlike collour, i would like to read it : D So ofcurse make a guide, i think everyone will like some more information.
  14. iameinheld

    Say something about the person above you.

    Writes a lot of stuff in global chat with Treim
  15. [quote='Oops' pid='7793' dateline='1437329417'] [quote='Treim' pid='7777' dateline='1437328014'] [quote='WotdeFack' pid='7772' dateline='1437327479'] [quote='Hirooo' pid='7730' dateline='1437321882'] For pvp: Put nexusprotals near iameinhelds monuments and destroy them. [/quote] Who is iameinheld?? [/quote] friend of us .. so we are allowed to bully him. :kappa: [/quote] Poor iameinheld :kappa: [/quote] Agree

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