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  1. iameinheld

    A question

    Not sure if this has been asked already: If i get into a loading screen for a group match, like a rPvE match, will the game start no matter what? Sometime i experience very, very long loading screens and iam not sure if maybe a member of the group left or something. Am i supposed to leave the game or should i wait? if i stay in the loading screen will the match start or will i just endlessly wait for nothing to happen?
  2. A free guide yes or no. Well even if this would be a guide about how to play the most unlike collour, i would like to read it : D So ofcurse make a guide, i think everyone will like some more information.
  3. Writes a lot of stuff in global chat with Treim
  4. Hello iam Iameinheld and i played BaFo for about 2 years i think. I played most of the time PvE but also some PvP. Iam ready for some new/old content!! : )
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