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    Battleforge❤❤❤ ,Anime/Manga❤❤❤❤,Basketball❤❤

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  1. tsoods

    Wiki and AllCards

    Great job you guys ,1 step forward the game
  2. tsoods

    Refer a Friend System

    I think the old R.A.F was fine and i dont see that many people with the idea of changing the R.A.F
  3. tsoods

    Selection for Alpha test

    Agree you on that topic. People are creative so they can 100 ways to break the game. I love to break games and codeings
  4. I hope you get the game and server working so everyone would be happy. This historic game is a masterpiece in its (her) league . We are looking forward to it. We are so proud of you guys for making it happen! ???

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