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  1. GadaiGER

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    for my german felas
  2. GadaiGER

    What music makees u most nostalgia

    rip the moba that was there before League of Legends
  3. GadaiGER

    Can i be a beta tester?

    Gime beta tester too kek. cant wait till we good to go
  4. GadaiGER

    Promo Card Giveaway( For new Closed Beta Testers)

    ai id like a promo construct and a cup of tea pls
  5. GadaiGER

    Path of Exile Guild

    ah im currently running 50% of the time in a full party with a culler and buffer
  6. GadaiGER

    Path of Exile Guild

    Im looking for aurabots that tag along in end tier maps and/or IIQ chars
  7. GadaiGER

    Path of Exile Guild

    u focus on playing HC or SC ? im not a fan of HC because game is lagging to much ... but if u get a few ppl ill be happy to join. essence league is fun. currently sitting on 89 , 86 and 81 chars xd
  8. GadaiGER

    Booster system

    Not realy i basicly mean one cheap booster with normal drops and an expensive one with atealst 1or 2 good rarety cards......but ive seen that something kinda close is already implemented
  9. GadaiGER

    Booster system

    Got a nice idea that could be added to the game later on. Havent found a threat bout it so excuse me if im anoying you. Ive played BlackOps3 for some time now and as most of the bo3 players know is there an blackmarket where you can buy crates for money you earn by playing the game. There are 2 types of boxes. first one is 3x cheaper then the second one but only gives you random skins. So u can get unlucky and only get common while there are rare,legendarys and in best case epics that wont come up to often,. the second crate cost 3x the amont to get (1. 10 and 2. 30, you need like 3-5 games for 10) BUT u always get aleast one rare and 2 randoms. Many say 1. crate is better cause u can get 9 skins instead of 3 and have in that way higher chance to get better skins other say 2. is better cause u get atealst one rare and wont lose as much as u would if youd get only commons out of the 1. what im trying to say is that both crates are pretty good in their own way and players can gamble around what create they wanna buy. this would be pretty funny to see in bf because its still a tradingcardgame and in that way you can choose between good cards you can get or more cards u can use for other stuff. if you have question because of my bad english just ask me ^^
  10. GadaiGER

    Glow Effect Card Art

    Nice, but implementing them into the game will sure take some time ... if its possible what it should be
  11. GadaiGER

    About the beta

    Damit.. u have been faster again.. but isnt there like an opening tournament already in mind ... ? lol somethings wrong XD and now its getting even worse... nice
  12. GadaiGER

    What 3 super powers would you like to have?

    Ive seen enough hentai to know where this would go ^^
  13. GadaiGER

    What 3 super powers would you like to have?

    I know what you would do with that invisibility add time stop to it aswell LOL XD

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