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    The story behind your nick.

    a while ago I played a game called battleforge. I hated it so much that I got EA to shut down the servers. Now I keep this name to tell myself that if I really want something bad enough I can get it done

    What was your favorite Card/Character?

    1 orb: shaman 2 orbs: aggressor/ Harvester 3 orbs: wheel of gifts, Abyssal warder/ avatar of frost 4 orbs: Jorne: just to good, Ironclad is to aestetic, grinder promo my fav, grimvine: my first 4 orb unit ever.


    Hi all, Just a other suggestion: Before is give it away I wanna say that on every suggestion there are always those people saying ''the game is not even out yet, new features is not even something to think about'' stuff. And I guess we all understand that and I dont get why people have to repeat that everytime instead of giving some input... So safe your time on this one . The one thing I missed was being able to make clans in battleforge. Earn extra poits by playing together or setting a quick time on the battlegrounds and compete with other clans. This would give pvp an extra demention. I guess that it wont be that much work to put in the game (not sure about that tho) Let me know what you think beside the fact it will in a distance future.

    hello and greetings!

    same for me. I remember going to the store to buy wallie-cards of €10 or €20 to get my bf points.

    PVP-PVE Ideas

    I just saw a battleforge PVP gamemode and made think. Maby it would be cool (in the far future because battleforge is awsome the way it is) to do be able to do ranked pvp matches with like a 2, 3 and maby even 4 orb start. In PVP you only see 1 and 2 orbs units being deployed. It would give us awsome battle to be able to change those things. The suggestion for PVE is to be able to gain quick power in trade for less battletime to compleet the PVE. I think (hope) those are little changes to make in the future. Those little changes can make big changes in al of pvp and pve.. What do you guys think? Let me know!

    Introducing... Kubik, our new developer!

    Awsome! if I had some develop skills I would have loved to help. Its awsome people like @Kubik are willing to join the project. Makes my day

    promo units and ultra rare cards

    Anyone has an idea how the ultra rare cards will be introduced to the game. Talking about the promo cards, units like santa claus.. How will they be put in the game.


    yea I can understand that and itt makes a lot of sense. I would prefer a good working game first before adding some more features. Due the time it wil probaly take to rank up the deck to lvl 120 it wil keep most of us (including me) busy. Lets say in one year from now u guys feel like adding some more stuff. It would be awsome to let the general people vote for what they would like most. Old EA developers did about the same but when we needed them the most they failed (putting the server down). Their is so much more potential. I would understand it if their is not a straight plan for his senerio yet to put in new stuff.


    Hi all, Pick your top 3 of things you want the most in upcomming updates!!! 1. air deck: giving additional bonnusses with fire 2. water deck: giving additional bonusses with frost.. 3. earth deck: giving additional bonusses with nature 4. abomination of all 4 current ellements (1 orb of all) 5. more 4 orb bosses 6. more neutral ultra rare units 7. a pay to way section (beside the regular game) 8. more starter units 9. at least one healing spell for pure fire, shadow and frost 10. making a own senerio campaign map. 11. just keep the current optional. only expent shadow/nature combination and maby like a frost/ fire one 12. more grinding options beside t9 and t10 dungeons 13. more multiplayer campaign maps. Additional choises: more air units/ more ground units more campain maps

    Collect all cards

    thanks for the solid information

    Collect all cards

    Can u earn BFP by just playing games and trading? because i nevermind spending some money on the game to become better and spare time

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