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2 hours ago, Chimerae said:

That is exactly my point, is that working as designed or not? According to the card description: Affects ground targets only.

Well per definition, yes, it is working as designed. The attack itself can only target ground but Splash is defined as damage to all surrounding units in a radius around the target.

practically ground attacks should only splash ground and flying should splash flying

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On 8.12.2016 at 6:02 PM, SunWu II. said:

I think HighTech did, @xHighTech correct me if i'm wrong, but i think he went for Virtuoso + Fathom Lord (wich is a nice XL counter in any T3). This or giantslayer + Brannoc were the most prominent fire/nature T3s. I don't remember anyone going for frost or shadow. Both versions lack an XL counter, Brannoc alone isn't reliable enough.


i tryed every possible t3 option but later on i mostly played F/N/N and went #1 with it without T3 problems.

Phantom Lord is a great card and a awesome allrounder. 

So finally i played F/N/N with a big T1 and small T3(1-2 cards) in 1vs1 - F/N/F small t1 and bigger t2 & t3 in 2on2 for better pressure to force frost splash protection cards.


Best regards,


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i agree the fathom lord is really, really strong and unlike giant slayers, it actually properly counters xl units. i can see enough incentive to go f/n/n, especially with the popularity of brannoc, who is just roasting giant slayers.

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  • 2 months later...

As long as there are cards left WE ARE NOT DONE HERE!


Nox Trooper-0


AbilityIcon AutoCast Nightfire

Every 2 seconds, unit fires a blast of dark energy at enemies that deals 40 damage.

AbilityIcon Activatable Overload

Power: 40

Activate to release a powerful shot after a preparation time of 6 seconds that deals 300 damage to enemies. Knocks back small units. Reusable every 20 seconds.

Card Upgrade  Type or Ability    Effect

Nox Trooper I  Nightfire         +2 damage

Nox Trooper I  Overload        -10 until reusable

Nox Trooper II  Nightfire         +3 damage

Nox Trooper II  Overload        -15 power cost

Nox Trooper III  Nightfire        +5 damage

Nox Trooper III  Overload       +25 damage


One of the most prominent Shadow cards, probably because it was a PvP must-have, a strong spammy start in PVE and - as an uncommon - not too expensive. I liked it especially for its ability. Besides the often easy to telegraph nasty surprise it is the only instant damage solution shadow T1 offers (is it? I think it is). So it's great for finishing of high hp units or buildings and sometimes catches your oponent by surprise. Especially when you motivate another nox right before the shot or use the ability of 2 troopers at the same time.

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The good old Nox Trooper. I guess I don't go in depth about why it is must have for PvP, since everyone knows about the cards strength (essential to deal with Frost & Nature, because they can deal with your Forsaken easily, who are usually the superior M Counter because of their Frenzy ability). So I'll just name some random facts about the nox trooper (You'll probably know the most ones, but maybe some of them are interesting)

1. Nox Trooper overload is undodgeable. If he targets a unit once, you can move this unit as far away as you, the overload shot will hit. 

Some Nox Overload values:

   1 normal hit + overload -> Scavenger dies;

   3 normal hits + overload -> Dreadcharger dies;

   to kill a nature M unit you need to bring it down to 365 hp to kill it (dryad damage reduction)

   to kill a nature M unit you need to bring it down to 566 hp to kill it (guaranteed oneshot vs shaman & dryad)

2. Getting a little bit more in depth about the nox trooper overload: If you play double Shadow T1 and stack Motivates (keep in mind you need one U2 & one U3 Motivate for that to work) your the Nox Trooper Ability will get up to crazy amounts of damage. 3 Overloads are enough to blow up a power well, 4 are already enough to blow up a full hp orb (!), the motivate stack is the only reason why double Shadow T1 was actually a viable strategy in 2v2. And if you bring the M bonus damage into play you can oneshot any T1 M unit with that Nox overload (even an Ice Guardian with a fully charged shield).

3. Its precision on the attacks can sometimes be a little bit annoying. While the damage can't get bodyblocked (like Frostmage for an instance) the missing splash damage makes it much harder to kill any squad based units. This is especially annoying against Windweavers & Master Archers in T1, because you need 5 extra shots to kill the unit ultimately (especially  dangerous against nature, that can just save the 1hp S units & heal them up). Even the overload doesn't finish off unit squads. In addtion to that they are really bad in a late game scenario because if you have like 15 Nox Troopers and shot a 1 unit, the unit gets overkilled, while units with splash damage apply any additional damage onto other units around them. This is why Treespirits demolish a Nox spam & in the ultra late T1 even a Frost Mage spam would beat a Nox spam even though Nox is far superior on paper (unless you micro like a korean and always get the perfect focus fire done). 

4. Fun fact: small buffs can have massive implications: If Nox Trooper gets just 1 hp more it would seriously buff the unit. There are many units who have attacks that deal something like 50, 75 or 150 dmg per hit. Skyfire for an instance does exactly 450 damage with 2 shots. If Nox Troopers had 451 hp the unit could take an extra shot and deal 50 (75/77/116) addtional damage (the amount of damage depends on the unittype you are fighting and if motivate is applied or not) before dying which can turn around a fight. Also microing would be a little bit easier.      

5. Nox Trooper has one of the worst stat/cost efficiency out of all shadow units (Nightguard & Snapjaws are worse), but they are still such an important unit in every shadow T1. Just a short display of how valuable ranged M/M units are. 


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I generally really preferred Forsaken over Nox-Trooper simply because it takes to long to kill squads.

In regards to speedrun they are only really better than Forsaken when facing knockbacks at t2. Basically you only ever want to have them when facing Stonekin t2 with Crystal Beasts (or whatever they're called) or when facing Lost Souls Vigils + tower. Not 100% sure about Twilight Hags but i am 80% sure they also have M-knockback in which case Forsaken are the better choice. At 4 player rPVE speedruns this is basically irrelevant as you only really need Skeleton Warriors as you get enough assistance and only really have to stay alive with those units. For Anti air you get access to DA which are superior to Forsaken and Nox.


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A card that was often seen in beginners decks, once players collected a few T4 XLs they usually switched to those. A group of L units has its disadvantages compared to single XL units. They need a little more micro if you want to keep them alive and they suffer from knockback. I don't know about speedrunning, but i would be surprised if this this card had sone use there.

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Emberstrike is one of those cards that a begginers deck includes, that you wanna swap out as soon as possible. Probably the worst P4F T4 unit tho.
I personally remember mixing up the P4F decks with each other, simply because I didn't like Emberstriek and didn't want my only T4 to be an air unit.

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This is just not a good card.

I guess you can make it work in rPVE with frenetic assault, infect, netherwarp and heals but then again you can make probably anything work with those cards.

Melee and L is just a massive disadvantage and makes it pretty useless in almost any T4 scenario. They are pretty much dead before they can attack anything in any bigger base unless you give them massive support. I would much rather play Ashbone Pyros and dont get t4 at all - saves 300 Power as well.

While Giant Wyrm is generally the best F2P t4 card due to it being XL even Rifle Cultists and Tempest - was it called like that? - are superior. Rifle Cultists got their Dark Grenade which is pretty good with Unholy Hero to evaporate structures or unit cluster from long range or over walls even Tempest can be used in some scenarios. Definetly not optimal but i'd much rather have them than Emberstrike.


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Do you know guy, that this card LooOOOOOng before, maybe while Beta, wasn't a T4? It was T3 and had no Fiery Birth. I have (had?) a real card of Emberstrike. I got it within the game journal, there were also 2 Tremors and 2 more cards (do not remember them). Maybe as T3 :neutralorb::fireorb::fireorb: he can probably look better, of course with balanced stats. But for now It's just a piece of real crap...

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Another day, another card.

Today its the mutating frenzy, another free to play card, but this time he is really useful even when you already got better cards than the free to play cards. This monster with the ability deathwish combined with several healing spells and buildings can be one hell of a bosskiller.

Btw, his design is just awesome.

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As mentioned this card's only real use is for onshotting bosses in speedruns.

Some maps that come to mind are Titans and of course Bad Harvest.

Other than that there is definetly better options in terms of t3 cards that I'd prefer anytime over Mutating Frenzy. Especially Ashbone Pyros or Cultist Master are very decent cards which outclass Mutating Frenzy generally.


Overall a card with very specific useages but definetly far from being a good choice if you're looking for a card that does well in a lot of different scenarios.

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I like Giant wyrm, it's a pretty solid unit for a 1 nature only T4 card, especially agaisnt L units, although doesn't have much of a chance agaisnt XL. This is unless you combine it with unholy Hero and go flying around destroying all crystals in The Dwarven Riddle :P Most of the times tho I had other colors like frost and shadow in combination with my nature orb, which made me use LSS instead of Giant Wyrm. I pretty much only used it for either specific scenarios or if I didn't have any other better T4 card, which wasn't often the case.

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Well it was more useful when you're still new to the game and didn't have many T4 units, however as my collection began to grow there were other, better options to use instead. As i didn't play PvE that competitively I didn't have any specific uses for it like @Ladadoos and I ended up not using it at all. Still a memorable card because it was basically your first XL unit and was pretty good. 

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