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The idea was the missing combination Fraktion.. a fanatic Religion called "Blue fire aszendent"

The toggle is between the 2 modes: 


-The way of purity: Unit looses slow and Regeneration, Unit gains swift and becomes unstable (looses 15HP/s)

-The way of worship: Unit looses Swift and unstable, Unit gains slow and Regeneration (gain 15HP/s) 


So you have to swap them regulary...with a cool but 1 Sec Long Animation from blue to red fire


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Fear- Everyone around him gets 50% less defense 

Tank Spam- He spends 25 power to summon russian tanks

Winter- He freezes an area of the map for free

Blackmail- He tricks everyone and the enemies loses 100 life per second (all around him)

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On 30/10/2017 at 3:20 PM, Fauchderial said:



Anothere wave here ^-^

Nice units but you should give more info for their abilities.I think you make them very very strong.To remind you the game for spells,time,dmg,life and cost that numbers isnt pick by luck but they have calculated and they need insane mathematics skill

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-Tainted Devour: Sacrifice an own unit to gain 30% damage for 20 sec., loses 50 health every second during this peroid

-Flesh Feast: Regenerate 100 health every 2 second from nearby corpses

Thought this is quit fitting

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