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  1. So, I am Brazilian and it would be awesome to find some Brazilian buddies to play with, did someone create the discord? If not I can create it
  2. Put some empathy It isnt easy for them they are trying very hard! We should keep the guys!
  3. You will have an awesome birthday my friend! . Not just awesome, it will be your best birthday
  4. its not updated (: So for the ppl that dont know its MID march
  5. Hearts of Iron IV, Some cs:go, civilization V, stellaris, rarely Europa Universalis IV and star wars battlefront 2
  6. that one is awesome ! Its my image lolz
  7. Hmm you should have put the number 2563
  8. Welp i really thought i was supposed to have a better english but reality fked me up XD there we go
  9. he is cool although his photo is a fire drake... contradictory
  10. The striker is looking awesome congratz! (Im just joking, everything is looking great) Nice art there!
  11. MrGuzman


    You cant play yet but you can pre download in this link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y1oerkxhupe5k9b/BattleForge.rar You should read the FAQ:
  12. Fear- Everyone around him gets 50% less defense Tank Spam- He spends 25 power to summon russian tanks Winter- He freezes an area of the map for free Blackmail- He tricks everyone and the enemies loses 100 life per second (all around him)
  13. 2559 hours waiting for open beta! (of course it will be lower than that)
  14. Yeah i would love to test if a music that brings good luck will really work and I would test it on simulator before opening the real booster!
  15. Man i had 0.325% chances of winning the giveaway and i still dont have it. I think its fine, although it will be hard since its a promo card! Oh and there were 30 giveaways till now? Idk but i think this number is fine, and a thing is that you can get rogan kayle promo which is not the best of the promos XD
  16. WoW this topic is old ! Im noob but i wanna be in part of 1v1 and 2v2
  17. Hahah! I imagine myself drawing it.. I know how to make the sun with the big smile on it . Nice work (:
  18. At least you found a link that works but the cards arent working when you click on them ):
  19. 2550 hours of battleforge when it launches
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