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  1. NAME: 3 - Harvester/XL Unit Clipping Bug LOCATION: Encounters with Twilight REPRODUCIBILITY: Random (Need to test more to confirm reproducibility) Hey guys, on the stream last night this happened. Seems to occur when an XL/Harvester is near a placed building/wall and can't path correctly due to an obstruction. Someone said in stream that they have seen this issue before in the original game, but I am just making sure it's not a new bug
  2. I print screened my card and edited in paint. Maybe that helps you?
  3. PogChamp, Fiki coming out with the guns! Pew pew pew You're doing an awesome job Fiki, keep it up mate. The majority of this community appreciates your work, especially with all the stress your under with your education also. I hope those exams went well, and if there are more to come I am sure you'll smash em! Good luck! And for all the other team members out there, your work is invaluable also. It makes me extremely happy that you guys stuck with this for the longest time as a project. You are making a lot of people happy, and I hope you find happiness in that too. Here have a coo
  4. I just meant .5% might be too high depending on the booster open rate. But I have not been given access so I can't test it out
  5. He's got a bit of bloatware and some...interesting...titles... No Man's Sky anyone? But I am happy to see he still has the original BF client there haha! The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot was also taken down aye? FeelsBadMan
  6. Is .5% too high for a promo? I guess it depends entirely on how many boosters you can open in a week or so.
  7. It is honestly so hard to choose. Nature decks are my general go to, but shadow is so much fun because it carries risk. Pwahhhhh the decisions D:
  8. That's crazy! Does that fall under fair use? I guess it does right because it was used for a 'transformative purpose.' I wonder if he is also an OG Battleforge player? :thinking:
  9. , don't know if I could complete this stuff my self.. but it definitely shakes up the standard gameplay with a few twists. SPICY!
  10. Pretty sure this was a similar system used in WoW, with regards to EXP gain. Perhaps one of the vanilla patches? I personally am okay with it, however if I remember correctly this system back fired as the community felt it was being punished for playing the game more. Therefore blizzard flipped it on its head and introduced the rest system which rewarded players to have a break instead of punishing those who grinded and ultimately it worked. You might consider perhaps implementing something like this down the line if you encounter the same issue?
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