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  1. Which program did you use ? the card creator is down i think ?
  2. Esceeli

    Card Database

    First i disregarded this , but its actually not so bad , thx mate Allthough, Its a strange kind of file. Any idea how to get this into Gimp Photoshop ?
  3. Esceeli

    Card Database

    Hey guys I am looking for card images in highest resolution possible, preferably all cards Can someone help ?
  4. Guys to be Honest , you dont have to choose: Nostalgia (pure version) or New content I see people commenting on Nerfing Amii monument - You could make a secondary ranking system for players using "Banned Cards" just like lots of TCG does. In this case People prefering the original version can still play the original version use all the cards they like . While the benefit from new content could be huge for people who just love the World of Nyn and new combinations of cards and creative use of them. New cards are actually very needed, The community dies off. Thats really bad for the game and the future of us. Some of the Community made maps are reallllyy good but there is no rewards for doing them. This is a drawback that sometimes holds me from doing them. We could make some of them to be official storyline of the campaign Lots of cards need balancing, buffing and nerfing alike. think about Wildfire spam, Jugg & Spitfire power cost/stats compared to coredredge (:D) , Using amiii monu on some maps make them childplay, LSS spam kills any map with ease, Some Bandit cards are very weak/useless, Ravenheart and battleship are slow and weak which makes them unusable, I bet you know of this problems. Even with all the changes to this the game will stay prette Pure Nostalgia. Players can choose by themselves not to include the new cards or play the new maps. And still play on the old ranking system to beat speedruns like in the good old days. While there is also content for the other group. Just an idea, consider it Esceeli
  5. The bar is loaded, its says waiting for other players but it stays that way for a couple of minutes and doesnt start the game at all. Maybe someone Dc while loading or i dced. Actually i dont know if its viable or interesting for you guys but i think a Reconnect mechanic could be really cool.
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