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  1. Navarr liked a post in a topic by Mynoduesp in What's ur favorite cards ? :)   
    That's what you get when a Nightguard has some sexy time with a Lightblade. 
    It's an interracial thing... Don't know how a half-human half-ogre would look like. I'd guess not pretty. 
  2. Loriens liked a post in a topic by Navarr in All-time fastest speedrun rankings   
    So it's entertaining for you that your toxic behaviour is called out? Very interesting. 
    For me it doesn't look like you, one of the best PvE players, are interested in growing the speedrunning community and teaching them. You seem to be more interested in showing off how good of a player you are which seems to be the only reason why you even shared one tactic (Guns Of Lyr) that wasn't popular before. But it's your decision and i respect that. I'm just stating that I find your behaviour inappropriate - I have the strong impression that you enhance the toxicity in the already split up and not very cooperative pve community which is a bad thing because the player that has most rank 1s in PvE COULD be some kind of role model for the newer ones which would have some advantages. But as I said it's your decision which role you want to play here.
    Also, as I stated multiple times: As a PvP player I am not interested in doing competitive PvE, I just like playing efficient and the current system forces me to play PvE if i want to play competitive PvP so I am obviously interested in using meta tactics (that were, in most part, not developped by you, Prit, even though you seem to want to think that). BTW: Getting some rank 1s when the month starts is a fun thing that isn't very competitive because it's free/easy due to the fact that only very few players know the pve meta tactics.
    One thing I also find hypocritical is that you flame everyone for copying tactics while using the community made meta tactics on your own. The game has a limited amount of options and everyone is using some of these.
    Last point: Nobody cares if you need a bug or not. It was discovered by a player that wasn't you, like all the other bugs in this game. And you want to know it, which is totally fine. But how about asking Halis and respecting his answer? Instead, you insult him and spread more toxicity. I really don't like your way of "competition" and communication.
  3. Navarr liked a post in a topic by MrXLink in New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves   
    Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and all other Skyfolk!
    It's been a while since the last Design update, there's been a lot going on both in the development scene as well as our outside lives, and it's slowed down progress for a while. Not to fret, though, as progress is back on track now, and the well-anticipated reset is closer than ever. Really close. Once the reset happens, though, we want to make sure to make the remaining big changes that would impact global player-to-player progression and the economy, and that can only mean two things... BFP and Boosters. In this post, we'll discuss the new BFP system that is currently implemented on the Test Server (check Discord for details), with some booster changes getting a post of their own as well soon. I'll be going into some details about the system, if that's not your thing, feel free to check out the TL;DR below.
    The Current Situation
    As most of you know by now, the current BFP earning system entails daily quests and daily playtime. You get some generic quests that need to be completed, can be re-rolled, and grant you some BFP, and the daily quest of playing for 30 minutes to get a booster. This means that after completing said quests and playtime, there is no BFP left to be earned, and Skylords will encounter themselves a wall on generating income to buy boosters from and do auctioning business. This is exactly what we will be addressing in this update.
    The ideas for BFP-over-time earning have been going on since 2014, to have a soft-cap system on playtime, meaning earning less and less BFP the more you play, but earning some BFP nonetheless. Since the 30m playtime quest has always been a placeholder for a system like that, this is what we will be changing, and the daily quests will stay for a total of 250BFP daily.
    The Approach
    BFP is a regulated currency. This means that BFP should be able to be earned regardless of player performance, and the rate at which it is roughly earned per player, especially maximums, can be changed in order to keep player-to-player interactions and the market stable. Therefore, a system needed to be put in place that's not about earning more BFP for higher skilled players, so that on a daily basis, newcomers and veterans alike would have roughly the same opportunities to earn daily assigned BFP. When comparing different player types and reward integrations, the only consistent factor across every single player is TIME. Yes, some have more time than others, but time itself is the only constant that we can equally distribute BFP over regardless of player skill, completion speed, game type preference (PvP/PvE) or general experience. This is why, as a regulated currency, BFP will be linked to part time, part daily quests that are generic and should be able to be completed by any level of player.
    While the 30m quest was more of a baseline placeholder, the importance of the regulation of BFP over time has become more clear over the months/years, and it makes it all the more understandable why modern game currency systems use hard- or soft-cap systems as well as daily boosts to allow for a fair BFP-over-time distribution:
    A HARD-CAP system would mean that either the total BFP to be earned per day would be a flat value (e.g. 500 BFP/day), or the BFP-over-time value would be flat (e.g. 2 BFP/minute) A SOFT-CAP system would entail that the amount of BFP earned over time would steadily decrease according to a total BFP-per-day value, be it logarithmic or inversely proportional. As an example, if we would have a soft-cap of 400 BFP per day, then you as a player would earn 200 BFP in the first hour, then 100 BFP in the second, 50 in the third, etc. etc. until the amount of BFP earned per hour is negligible or rounded to 1. A DAILY BOOST system can be applied to any kind of BFP-over-time system, in which the first X minutes, players would earn e.g. 5x as much BFP as they would on normal terms. This is to give players with shorter allotted playtime a bit of a boost to catch up with those with more time faster, and get a reasonable income without having to spend a lot of in-game time. Of course, those who play longer would still get awarded more BFP, but at a slower rate than this first timeframe. Since we've got no way nor right to make any kind of money on this project, there is no need for us to crank down on caps just to force people to buy currency or to play more. However, this system will help to keep players engaged, make progression interesting and fun, and extend the lifespan of the project, which should mean you'll have more people to play with for longer. 
    For this system I really wanted to focus on improving a traditional soft-cap system so that it can give all player types a chance to keep up with the overall BFP flow. While we'll never be able to close the gap between players with a lot of playtime or auctions and those who don't, we could try to allow players with less time on their hands to still earn a significant portion of the BFP they could have had if they spent their time playing full-time, but without changing the global elapsed time, so that one strategy would not be real-time more efficient than another. Simply put: we give you the opportunity to take breaks, go sleep, go to school/work, or play something else, to get a boost to your BFP income when you come back later, matching you to those who have played more time, quicker. It'll be your choice if you want to optimise your BFP income; you're free to continue playing the game you love, but we won't weigh you down with the feeling of regret or missing out on BFP either if you can't or don't want to for a bit that day.
    I then turned this thought process into a system we decided to implement for the future.
    The System
    The new system is designed to benefit long- and short-session players alike, and to narrow the gap between them without penalising either side. To do this, the system is split up in two timeframes:
    The Daily Boost: The first 90m of in-game time will net you 250 BFP in total, divided directly proportionally to playtime. This means you'll earn 2.78 BFP per minute for the first 90 minutes. This is akin to the current 30m quest, except paid out by the minute over a longer time. Quests+daily should be enough to purchase a default booster. The Reserve System: Any time played after the daily boost will drain BFP from a "pool" of BFP that every player has, called the reserve. This reserve has a maximum value, and refills continuously at a constant rate. The fuller your reserve is, the faster you will earn BFP. You can not earn more BFP than your current reserve value, and so when your reserve is empty, you will earn BFP at roughly the refill rate of your reserve. Note: Any values in these systems are subject to change, and may change pre- or post-reset.
    Whereas the daily boost should seem pretty straightforward, the Reserve System might be a little more complex to figure out, so I'll try my best to go into the details here, step-by-step. First of all, here's a WIP image from back in the conceptualisation stage of the system, with some older values:
    A METAPHOR: See the reserve as a bottle of water that's full of holes, from top to bottom. For safety, you keep all holes covered while you've not finished a match. When you play, you remove the cover and collect water from the reserve bottle. When it's full, water drains out of all the holes in the bottle, allowing you to catch a lot of it at the same time. As the bottle drains, less and less holes will have water behind them, and so the bottle will drain at increasingly slower speeds the more empty it is. While your bottle is covered (before you finish a match and after), you slowly refill the bottle with a tap, so if your bottle is empty, you will still get the water that you've been dripping into it while you were playing or perhaps taking a break throughout the next games. You leave the tap on even if you leave the game for other matters, so that your bottle is fuller or filled the next time you come back.
    What all of this means, is that after your daily boost/bonus, you will earn BFP at a rate that decreases the longer you play. However, if you decide to take a break and come back a few hours later, the rate will NOT be the same rate you would have had if you were to continue playing directly, but higher in order to compensate for the break. If you were to continue playing instead, you could earn the same amount of BFP across a similar total amount of time. Player A who plays for 6h straight could, with the appropriate values, be matched in BFP earnings by player B who plays 2h, takes a 2h break, and then plays 2h after, as a rough example. The limiting factor here is the max reserve value. Everyone has the same reserve size and the same drain system and the same refill rate, so the total amount of BFP to be able to be earned across a certain amount of time is set. The only moment when a player would be missing out on BFP is when the reserve is full, which happens when "too long" of a break has been taken. 
    To summarise, this system takes the following into account:
    No difference is made between newcomers and veterans, nor PvP and PvE BFP will be continuously able to be earned even after the daily bonus has been reached Those with less time on their hands can narrow the gap through the daily bonus Those who return at a later timeframe that day, e.g. after work, school, dinner, or other appointments, can catch up with those who play continuously Players will not have to worry as much about missing out on playtime, and those who have the time get duly rewarded Only highly excessive breaks will miss out on some advantages this system offers, but no less than a normal linear system would Further Details For Nerds
    Reached this point, huh? I'm more than happy to disclose the formula to this system, though it won't be as complex as you may expect. They are pretty basic, but worth a look nonetheless. Be wary though that none of the values in the formula are final and we will use the test server as well as some live time to tweak the system over time, mostly based around the data we see and the feedback we get. These are very rough vars, don't put too much thought into them.
    I wholeheartedly hope that this system will be a good and worthy replacement of the current 30m quest, and a good alternative to a traditional soft-cap system. The system is meant to apply to everyone at a fair rate, and to give you a more relaxed feeling about earning BFP without hitting a hard no-BFP wall and without having to worry too much about taking breaks or doing other things between sessions. We've all got busy lives, and there's no need to add a fear of missing out on top of that. Besides, the payout should be pretty good compared to the booster prices which we will likely standardise to 500BFP. It won't be as high as it currently is, but the experience earning it will improve significantly, or so is the expectation.
    The system is currently implemented on the Test Server, you can test it out for yourself there. Feel free to give some feedback, and we will make sure to collect some data too to ensure this works. Keep in mind that as it stands, unless something is extremely wrong or goes completely out of hand, the current formula will stay and carry over throughout the reset. The values of the variables in the formula may change over time, and that can even be post-reset. We'd love to hear your feedback, and hopefully this new system of earning BFP will make all of your Skylords Reborn experiences that much better! 
    TL;DR -- The Short Version
    A new system to earn BFP will be coming soon, and has already been published on our Test Server for crash/bugtesting and to get an idea of everyone's experience.  This system replaces the current "Daily Dose of Heroism" quest of playing for 30 minutes. Other quests are unaffected, will stay, and will net 250/day in total. It is a BFP-Over-Time system with the first few matches netting much more BFP than any matches after. Currently, for the first 90 minutes of in-game time, you can earn 250 BFP. This is awarded by the minute, so you do not have to play the full 90m to get anything! Afterwards, a Reserve System kicks in: A maximum amount (currently 500) of BFP is stored that you can earn BFP from by playing matches. The speed at which you gain BFP depends on how full your reserve is, and the reserve gets refilled constantly at a set rate (even outside the game). This results in players getting their BFP faster after they have taken a break, but not any more than they could have earned if they didn't. This system is implemented to make zero distinguishing factors between newcomers and veterans, or PvP and PvE alike, and gives a lower sense of urgency, time pressure, or fear of missing out on points, benefiting those who don't have as much time, want/need to take breaks, have to work, etc. We will test this on the test server, the system will likely not change, the values can be tweaked even post-reset. Feel free to give feedback, and I hope the system will make playing more meaningful and less stressful for everyone! Hang in there, Skyfolk! We're getting closer!
  4. Navarr liked a post in a topic by BurningWorld in The New Player Experience (Observations & Suggestions)   
    I 'member when the open stresstest started and it was like only up to 100 players could connect the same time.. 
    And now seeing you talking about 100-200 players in JUST PVP A DAY!!!  
    What an awesome development the project is doing, keep the great work up! 
    Kudos and respecc to everyone doing his part  
  5. Navarr liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in RNG from card packs?   
    @DisasterRainlmao a classic case of negativity bias then... that list doesn’t seem anything like what you described...
    Do you know how lucky you have to be... to get a promo?
  6. Navarr liked a post in a topic by Kubik in RNG from card packs?   
    you want to say you get same 8 cards in every booster?
    you already get 190 different cards from the boosters that include for example: Rogan Kayle PROMO, Enlightenment, Forest's Vim, Wrathgazer, Volcano, Nox Carrier, Grinder, Brannoc, Jorne, Corsair, Mine, Dryad, Lost Shade, Skyfire Drake, Sunstriders, Swamp Drake, Nomad, Giant Wyrm, Eruption, Regrowth
  7. Navarr liked a post in a topic by xHighTech in Balance changes to game   
    Absolutely +1
    PvP would be unplayable if you would take some opinions seriously.
    There should be a circuit of players in front of the pvp & pve community who start discussion about card changes with real arguments and an objective overview without any kind of personal problems against some things.
  8. MrDanilov liked a post in a topic by Navarr in [PvP] Delete/Change Yrmia/Wazhai from the mappool !? + Random Maps   
    Remove? They need a rework like some other maps.
  9. Navarr liked a post in a topic by Flrbb in Quest & Achievement Suggestions - Megathread   
    Here's just another idea for rewards. A daily challenge, the same for all players. The callenge will be assembled from two subsets.
    1) a certain map
    2) (odd) restrictions for your deck
    So a a challenge would be like: beat Sunbridge without nature cards. Or beat Siege of Hope just with shadow cards. Beat Guns of Lyr without any cards from t3. Do not use spells. You get the idea.
    For multiplayer maps a challenge would be successfull, if all players decks meet the restrictions. Depending on how harsh incisive the restrictions to your deck is, the bigger should be a linked factor to the reward - playing a map without e.g. Bandit or legendary cards is not that complicated, copared to playing without e.g. nature cards or without spells/buildings.
  10. Navarr liked a post in a topic by Showaren2 in Shadow Mage spam + Green Nether Warp counterplay?   
    Yeah I agree, Pure nature definitely has a tough time with it.
    But well, considering that it is a bug it should be fixed in the future anyways.
  11. Navarr liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in A Thought for Improving the Rewards System   
    We have been thinking about achievement system for quite some time now, and we have plans to add one in, our current quest system is very rudimentary and just a placeholder more than anything, just a few quests to test the implementation of that new system.
    There’s still some internal discussions on how we are going to expand that. Your suggestion sounds solid, and you make a great point about how it would incentivize new players to complete a hard challenge by getting an achievement.[clearing expert map on first time(1p,2p, or 4p)] Something similar has a very good chance of being added
     I think the clearing with another deck just stacks the reward abit too much so maybe there could be a sub-achievement that doesn’t actually contain bfp or gold reward? 
    There’s actually been another megathread made about quest/achievement suggestions: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4166-quest-achievement-suggestions-megathread/ Maybe it’s worth a read if you’re interested.
  12. Navarr liked a post in a topic by Nahath in A Thought for Improving the Rewards System   
    So I was thinking about how to better align the rewards system with game longevity and maximum fun, and I think I came up with something good: a once-per-map reward for your first expert clear. For players who aren't amazingly good at this game, the first clear of an expert map is often a many-hour project with LOTS of failures and unrewarded time on the way there. This offers benefits to players for pursuing much more of the breadth the game has to offer, rather than excessive grinding on whichever map they believe is optimal.
    If you really want to encourage variety you could even layer on additional rewards for each clear with a totally unique deck (i.e. no overlapping cards with any of the other decks you cleared it with). This really pushes players to try different things and move away from the easy-win strategies that rely on specific cards. Though this might be tough to implement on multiplayer maps.
    Anyway, what do you think?
  13. Navarr liked a post in a topic by Kubik in All-time fastest speedrun rankings   
    why you still posting it here? Everyone can see it in game:

  14. Navarr liked a post in a topic by ImperatorSK in Multiple stuff for game incl. issues   
    Yeah i also dont get the point of increasing the booster price, cause boosters are expensive anyways, and a gamble if you need specific cards.

    In the end that would just result in about the same prices for the trash cards and in higher prices for the important key cards, so it will change not much except that even less people buy booster and so also less selling cards.

    btw. i think the pvp quest is too much work compared to all other quests, through the low player base. The requirements should be like 2-3 matches (but not 4), cause even as someone that loves pvp i often prefer to roll it to something else. And there is one quest that said play in any game mode where pvp do not seem to count
  15. Navarr liked a post in a topic by Kubik in reverse AH   
    It would require completely new ui new window to be made for ~60 resolutions (I think, maybe even more  )
    This would allow groups of people to regulate market with much less effort than they need to do right now. They would just start selling for 2 or 3 times higher that current price would be and auto-buy everything cheaper.
    Are you one of them? Was that your target? 

  16. Navarr liked a post in a topic by Asraiel in Multiple stuff for game incl. issues   
    Hello Dear Devs and Projekt Team
    This is a Collective Topic/Post with all the Stuff that might not work properly (personal expirience "incl. chance to be wrong) and some suggestions 
    To make it easyer Letz start with the stuff that might not work (bugs & stuff)
    - Im not shure how it was under EA and if its a change on purpose but units regenerate close to every friendly building and not only close to wells and monuments. so i dont know if this was that way under ea (lot of time has passed since then) or if this is a wanted change. 
    - the ability of the Nature Tier 1 card "Amazon" affinity Nature, gives a buff called "Wildlife Protection" whitch indicates to give a healing boost to every friendly beast or forestkin creature within 20m. this buffs applys on beast creatures but not non beast creatures of nature like windweavers or shamans. So it kinda doesnt work correct. 
    Now some suggestions
    - lowering the booster pack price to 300 BFP
    - after lowering the price of the basic booster adding color booster that contain only cards that have at least 1 orb as requierment of this color + the neutral cards for the price of 450 BFP (so those color specific boosters would grant a higher chance to get the wanted cards due to the lowering of the colors/cards those contain).
             For example:
                - Fire Booster, Containing cards: Fire, Twilight, Bandit & Neutral
                - Shadow Booster, Containing cards: Shadow, Lost Soul, Bandit, Amii & Neutral
                - Nature Booster, Containing cards: Nature, Twilight, Stonekin, Amii & Neutral
                - Frost Booster, Containing cards: Frost, Lost Soul, Stonekin & Neutral
    - adding weekly quests (like around 4) where u get ether BFP or Booster (if the top 2 points getting in the game then regular booster)
    - adding monthly quests that also give ether booster or BFP or both with like stuff (Time spend playing in several hours, or collecteted set amount of gold/expirience)
    - expand the afk befor autodisconect. as it is by now u cant answer the door or a nature call during a battle or u will get auto disconnected (never checked time but i guess its somewhat around 5 mins, would be sweet if this would be enlarged to 10 or 15 mins. cause when u switch back to desktop over windows button u can stay longer in the game befor disconnecting more than a houre.
    so far thats all maybe there will be more and i will post it in the topic or edit the main post.
    keep up the good work 
    greetings Asraiel
  17. Navarr liked a post in a topic by Raxaaa in [PvP] Delete/Change Yrmia/Wazhai from the mappool !? + Random Maps   
    plz don´t remove more maps. I don´t think a 100% balance is possible. Only the cards and the decks will change?
    I would like it if the good players would create new good maps on paper and the poeple who can do such things will bring them to game. (with nice trees and rivers... XD)
    perhaps 1 or two maps that are stronger for the other colours?
  18. Navarr liked a post in a topic by nofearek9 in [PvP] Delete/Change Yrmia/Wazhai from the mappool !? + Random Maps   
    removing maps wont fix the problem with unbalanced cards,you want to remove Wazhai cause of phase tower spamming,fix phase towers dont remove the map.
    as said in lot of other topics ,phase tower and mortor tower need fix and not the maps.
  19. Navarr liked a post in a topic by Yuah in BF Memeville   
    got one more

  20. Loriens liked a post in a topic by Navarr in [PvP] Delete/Change Yrmia/Wazhai from the mappool !? + Random Maps   
    Remove? They need a rework like some other maps.
  21. Navarr liked a post in a topic by Chibiterasu in Trade Bug!   
    It sounds like you didn't know that you got a frost mage from a booster earlier. Or you just cheated on your gf with a frost mage
  22. Loriens liked a post in a topic by Navarr in Assigned decks for maps   
    Why did nobody think of this before? Awesome!
  23. Navarr liked a post in a topic by LEBOVIN in Assigned decks for maps   
    I'd like to suggest a feature that allows players to assign their decks to certain maps and then directly access them in the lobby. So everyone in the lobby benefits, because players can select the right deck faster and the annoying searching, especially with a lot of decks, even with proper naming, is no longer necessary. 
    Attached you find 2 visualizations, once the assigning of the deck and once the selection of pre-assigned decks in lobby.

  24. Navarr liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Pls make pvp reward higher   
    This is the one point I don't understand. In which world does PvP have higher rewards than PvE on paper? While the PvP high ranked community seems to be always begging for gold people from the PvE faction are laughing about me with millions of gold. 
    A high elo speedrun PvE team could farm about 100.000 gold in an hour. 
    A high elo PvP player can get up to 6000 gold.
    An average PvP player will sit on about 3000-4000 in an hour (searching times not even included into the calculation). Might be even less since the skill level isn't normally distributed due to the high activity of the top10/20.
    I somewhat got in touch with a big amount of former/new PvP players and discussed their problems with the gamemode and alot of them are simply not playing because they hope to see an improved PvP reward system. I will make a video quite soon to break down the problem a little more specifically with a possible solution about the current problem of PvP for new players and former veterans without an upgraded deck. 
  25. Navarr liked a post in a topic by MephistoRoss in All-time fastest speedrun rankings   
    You should view this bigger than just the bug Halis used. A lot of things might or might not change in the future, we just don't know atm. Maybe nothing will get changed. Maybe in the future amii monument will be nerfed, maybe decomposer will only be able to decompose own units, maybe treasure fleet will be fixed so you can't let wagons  start leaving faster or maybe porting through gates will be stopped. All these things can have big impact on speedrunning of one or more maps which will never make anyone able to do new records. Halis bug is just one example that might or might not be changed in the future. I don't see why it should be treated any differently.
    Imo, the only way to deal with this and to still keep competition in the all-time rankings is to evaluate each patch to see what the impact is. If the impact affect speedrunning on several maps than the whole rankings should be archived and started all over. If it just impacts one map (because just the map got changed) just the rankings of that map should be archived and started over.
    With archived, I mean keep a frozen list of the (old) rankings which will never be changed again. So the best time at that point in time will still have credit. Of course it should also be mentioned until which date the rankings was active and what got changed for the rankings to become archived.
    In the past the bloodhorn stampede fix, the second chance fix and the furnace + embalmer fix would all have been examples of when the rankings should be archived and started over again.
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