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  1. Nahath

    Global support cards for cooperative play.

    Thanks for the comments, all. Interestingly, I've never seen Shrine of War (never pulled the card in old or current Battleforge), so that one's totally new for me despite many hours in the game. Ice age could also be a good one to play with. Note that as I mentioned in the title, I'm mostly interested in globals. The huge array of useful spells that you can drop on a battle is fairly obvious for the most part, and I certainly use them. As Treim said, though, I don't want to come across as simply fighting her battles for her.
  2. So I succeeded in getting my wife to play, and she enjoys the game. However she has far less gaming experience than I do, especially in the RTS department, and she doesn't like how uneven our contributions are to each map. One way I've decided to help even things out is to use global buff cards, so that her units are more powerful (while in comparison to her, I am weakened because I tie up resources to help out). The big obvious cards for this are Wheel of Gifts and The Incredible Mo. Healing gardens offers a little bit with its global active, as would Fountain of Rebirth (though I don't know if it's a good enough card to really be worth it). What else is available? I'm sure there are other cards that would help, but I can't think of what they are. It would be especially nice if there were some non-green ones besides Incredible Mo, so that I could do this with a larger variety of decks.
  3. Nahath

    PvE New Defensive Game Mode

    I've always wanted a mode like this. I think the way to make it most successful would be to make it a bit of a hybrid. Kind of how in "Defending Hope" there are a couple buildings you can take out to reduce the magnitude of attacks, only I would want the importance of it to be much more extreme than on Defending Hope (where I find it's usually not worth the effort). I also agree with Eirias's suggestion above that the terrain be arranged in such a way that you can't just put together an unassailable building defense and kick back. You instead have to make trade-offs where you need unit support to cover whatever your buildings can't accomplish themselves (and that would give a lot of possible arrangements for successful defensive decks).
  4. Nahath

    Progress rate too slow + other concerns

    Awesome. That's good to know. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
  5. Nahath

    Progress rate too slow + other concerns

    While I don't find it too slow at all, I do agree that the daily rewards are too front-loaded: EXTREME rewards for playing 15 minutes, big rewards for playing 60-90 minutes, and no rewards (at least in cards/bfp) for playing after that. I'm hoping that the final rewards system levels this off a bit (not entirely, just less extreme than current). Especially for people like me who would rather have a long session 2-3 times per week than a brief daily game or two.
  6. Nahath

    nerf amii monument

    Nailed it on both points. To add a little supporting information, good game designers recognize that when a gamer is choosing which game to play, they ask "What is fun?" When they are actually in-game, they ask "What will succeed?" When players are given a superior strategy that also happens to be less fun, they rarely analyze it and choose the more fun path. They're more likely to choose the more effective path then end up having less fun. That's why cheat codes are less of a thing than they used to be--game designers realized that gamers were ruining their own experiences. If a designer doesn't have a better understanding of fun than their average player, then they shouldn't be a designer. Personally, I love the idea of making it 4-orb. It opens up powerful combos like Batariel + Regrowth without cutting tier 3 out of the game.
  7. Nahath


    If each person only plays on one account, you should be fine. Just close (or at least stop using) any extra accounts, and I'm sure you won't get in trouble.
  8. Nahath

    Daily Gold Bonus to Random Multiplayer Maps

    I would potentially favor something like this. Once the game ships and it becomes clear how long it takes to wait for others (including time in PvP queue), specially directed rewards might greatly increase our ability to play together, whether in this form or some other.
  9. Nahath

    Starter Deck

    My specific feedback is that I would like to see cards that are more beginner-friendly, as it will increase our ability to bring our friends into the game. Cards from expansions tend to have a lot more text that represents subtle differences because they had to create distinctions between affinities. Using primarily (maybe even entirely) cards from the original version would probably increase the retention rate of new players.
  10. Nahath

    Starter Deck

    I hope they change them. I don't particularly mind them for myself, but I want to introduce new people into the game once we get to a more stable phase, and the original starter cards were more beginner-friendly.
  11. Nahath

    Too Many Users on Server

    They explained this on the stream. They have a set number of slots, and if all slots are full, nobody else can log in. As the stress test progresses, they will increase the number of slots available. There were technical reasons they haven't yet been able to set up a queue, so you just have to try occasionally and hope for luck. The better the stress test goes, the faster they'll open up more slots.
  12. Nahath

    How Should new Cards be Introduced?

    Honestly, this is something that makes me really nervous. Battleforge is a brilliant game, and I don't like the idea of people messing with the design unless they have proven experience in the field. The thing that so many people don't realize is that game design is HARD, and it's a different skill than game programming. Adding additional content to a game can easily be detrimental if it isn't done right, and even improving a game's balance can hurt the game, especially if it is accomplished using the homogenization method (which is what people on forums almost always call for, though they don't use that term). If experienced designers are put on Skylords with the focus of "how can I make this a better game", I will be cautiously optimistic. If inexperienced designers start adding content, I'll be scared for the future of one of my all-time favorite games. I don't know if the developers of Skylords actually have significant skill in game design, though I suppose it's possible that they do.
  13. A few responses to the various comments: 1. The times would vary to ensure that people of different time zones and schedules would have chances to play. 2. I like the idea of doing it separately for PvP and PvE. I actually don't know how hard it usually was to get a group for a PvE map, since I did those with friends, but for those who usually pugged PvE, you would have a better idea of how much value this would have. 3. As long as they aren't too frequent, I don't think it would significantly reduce queue times when it wasn't running. Most people will play Battleforge because they want to...not because of rewards. There will just usually be slight adjustments of plans to coordinate everything together. 4. Fair point above that it's probably a "wait and see" thing. Although the community is small right now, it's probably mostly made up of people who REALLY love Battleforge and will want to play a lot. Plus, I'm sure there are plenty of lurkers in the same category (i.e. I know 3-6 people who will immediately start playing when it launches, but they aren't on the boards.
  14. One of the worries in any multiplayer game with a lowish population is trying to find people to play with. I remember sitting in the battleforge PvP queue for 20+ minutes sometimes and probably would have experienced the same in PvE if I hadn't had enough friends to play with. As I've been thinking about how to solve this, I think it could best be achieved with a rotating "increased rewards" period of time: probably 2-3 hours in length. During these time periods, a disproportionately large number of people would all want to log in for the increased rewards. And then even more people would log in because they would know that it was the best time to get a group together. The balance would be making them rare enough for people to schedule time for it yet common enough that people wouldn't have to wait weeks for a short matchmaking queue or the chance to build a good group for a multiplayer map. They would also need to be scattered significantly to ensure that people with different schedules and timezones could generally hit them reasonably often. What do you think? Would this work? Are there any drawbacks? I'm assuming it would be relatively trivial to code, compared to all the amazing things the team is doing. Maybe it would be a good post-release feature.

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