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A Thought for Improving the Rewards System

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So I was thinking about how to better align the rewards system with game longevity and maximum fun, and I think I came up with something good: a once-per-map reward for your first expert clear. For players who aren't amazingly good at this game, the first clear of an expert map is often a many-hour project with LOTS of failures and unrewarded time on the way there. This offers benefits to players for pursuing much more of the breadth the game has to offer, rather than excessive grinding on whichever map they believe is optimal.

If you really want to encourage variety you could even layer on additional rewards for each clear with a totally unique deck (i.e. no overlapping cards with any of the other decks you cleared it with). This really pushes players to try different things and move away from the easy-win strategies that rely on specific cards. Though this might be tough to implement on multiplayer maps.

Anyway, what do you think?

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We have been thinking about achievement system for quite some time now, and we have plans to add one in, our current quest system is very rudimentary and just a placeholder more than anything, just a few quests to test the implementation of that new system.

There’s still some internal discussions on how we are going to expand that. Your suggestion sounds solid, and you make a great point about how it would incentivize new players to complete a hard challenge by getting an achievement.[clearing expert map on first time(1p,2p, or 4p)] Something similar has a very good chance of being added

 I think the clearing with another deck just stacks the reward abit too much so maybe there could be a sub-achievement that doesn’t actually contain bfp or gold reward? 

There’s actually been another megathread made about quest/achievement suggestions: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4166-quest-achievement-suggestions-megathread/ Maybe it’s worth a read if you’re interested.


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