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I found a bug while trading some cards with my gf. She's supposed to send me a Frost Mage, and some other nature/frost cards, and i's supposed to send her some cards of all elements. At the first trade we putted all cards we we're supposed to send. But Her Frost Mage dissapeared when she tried to put it on trade. She told me to accept the trade and invite to trade again. Then she sent me the frost mage and accepted. But when the trade was over, I found out that i had 2 Frost Mages. But she had only 1 copy of it.

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2019-05-02 18:28:21 you get Frost Mage from booster
2019-05-03 18:56:42 you get Frost Mage from trade with Alice_Nava
2019-05-03 22:05:05 you sold one of your Frost Mages to DrunkenPingu

If I count right 0 + 1 (from booster) + 1 (from Alice_Nava) - 1 (to DrunkenPingu) = 1 you should now have 1 Frost Mage correct?

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