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Skylords Reborn Team Reorganization

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Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies and other Skyfolk!

We hope you're as excited about the upcoming release in Q4 2020 as we are!
In light of this, we recently had some discussions about our internal team structure and decided that there need to be changes.
As some of you might have noticed, in recent years our administrators InsaneHawk, MrXLink, Blank, and our Lead Developer fiki574, have taken more of a background role. They did a great job in the past and they will continue to help out the project and the team as before!

However, we decided that these roles should be fulfilled by the more active staff members, more specifically Ladadoos and Zyna, who will be taking over as Administrators and Lead Developers of the project. Blank and InsaneHawk will from now on be listed under the "Founder" role. They were the ones who started the project back in 2015, and without them all of us wouldn't be here today. They will continue to help out the project, but will take more of a background role from now on. MrXLink will continue his work as a Designer. Our former lead developer fiki574 will now be working as an all-round developer.

Our moderation team will also be undergoing some changes. We will be retiring Ragenarok from our moderation team, since he has become inactive. We are grateful for his past work and wish him the best in his future endeavours! Additionally, our moderators MephistoRoss and Dexirian have moved away from their moderator role in recent years. Dexirian has been fulfilling the role of a System Administrator, therefore he will now be listed among our Developers. MephistoRoss has been doing a lot of important work concerning progression, rewards, and other game features. Because of that, he will, in addition to his moderation role, from now on officially be one of our Designers. The new roles will look like this:

ADMINISTRATORS - The SR CEOs. They represent and lead the project.



FOUNDERS - The two founders of the project. They started it all and without them Skylords Reborn would not exist.


MODERATORS - Take care of the forums, discord & game, help to keep them clean and enforce these Rules. They can be contacted for forum or community-related issues. Some Moderators are Global, meaning they take care of all platforms, whereas some are assigned to a specific platform. If you have any issues with a moderator specifically, contact an admin. 


DISCORD MODERATORS - Similar to Global Moderators, they specifically make sure our Discord Server is a nice place for everyone to be and talk with others! It's a great responsibility since it's the most active community platform we handle. Can be contacted for any Discord related issues.

DESIGNER - Staff specifically hired to create new game designs, mechanics and systems. Think of balance, reward systems, new content, cards, and so on. While it should be noted that all staff members have input on design, designers were specifically taken into the team for this, and have a degree of expertise/experience. Can be contacted for design concerns, feedback and explanation.



2D ARTIST - Makes 2D art for Skylords Reborn. Currently makes the beautiful Patreon-exclusive monthly BF concept art, launcher art, and may add visual content to the project in the future.

2D Artist.png


DEVELOPERS - Programmers responsible for back-end management and SR development, such as coding, creating a proper website for BattleForge account management (used for BFP, account data, and other profile tools), and other ways to accelerate and improve the project.




Aviat0r (All-Round Developer)
fiki574 (All-Round Developer)
freund17 (Web Developer)

Dexirian (System Administrator)

We will soon be looking for new volunteers to help out the project in other departments, so be on the lookout for any announcements in that regard. If you have any questions about this decision, feel free to contact us!
We thank everyone for their continued support, and hope that we can all see each other in the forge!

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Hi everyone!


5 years ago, I started this project alongside Blank, it's been a fantastic journey so far, I'm so happy that we managed our goal, which was to play this awesome game again, with you all! I won't lie, it's been hard, we didn't sleep much, it was all in our free time, but in the end, it was worth it, I don't regret any second I've spent on this project. But as some of you know already, I've stepped down a bit from the project, and I focused on my main indie-dev activity, to create my own games. The whole team did a fantastic job maintaining it, and we've progressed a lot since then, to a point where we're closer than ever to official release!


But.. all things must come to an end (not the project, don't worry) - But I'm officially taking a step back from this project, starting today. I'll still be around in the back, to help the team if needed, I'll do some paperwork mostly, but other than that, I won't be here with you guys! But don't worry, I'll leave you in good hands.


@Ladadoos & @Zyna are taking the lead of this project! They've shown great support & motivation within the years, and I'm confident that they'll handle this project very well!


Future is bright Skylords! I hope I'll see you all again someday, I've loved talking with all of you, playing with all of you! This project meant and will always mean a lot to me, love you guys! (I won't cry)


See you! ♥

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