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    Introducing .. The entire team !

    Hi guys, I'm NanoRhino and I'm a 20 year old french baguette math student, who spend most of his time making art instead of making maths ! I played BattleForge when I was like 15 with my friends and It was a lot of fun, we played mostly PvE, I never tried PvP (but I might soon thanks to this cool project !) If you guys wonder what kind of art I'm making, you can check out my tumblr or my deviantart here : https://nano-rhino.tumblr.com/ https://n4n0t3ck.deviantart.com/ The universe of BattleForge obviously influenced me and I'm having a lot of fun making art for the revival of this game. I also like playing trading card games a lot like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone mostly. Played Yu-Gi-Oh! for a while too. My favorites artists so far are Noah Bradley (MtG), Albert Bierstadt (amazing landscape artist) and Xavier Houssin (Xaxaxa, Dofus/Wakfu). So yeah, I think that's it, I'm looking forward to make the best art I can for this game and for you guys to enjoy ! See ya ! NanoRhino

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