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  1. I'm back and just uploaded my first video in a long time! Perhaps it will illustrate some lame t1 strategies in fire and nature.

    Thank you to everyone who's said hello to me in the forge!

  2. Baby steps! I haven't been able to convince my girlfriend to PLAY BattleForge yet, but she did agree to try to guess the names of the creatures!

    If you guys leave positive comments, I'm sure I'll be able to convince her to go in game...

    1. BurningWorld


      Horny Destroyer, best clickbait 2018 


    2. Eirias


      Not clickbait! I pulled directly from the video :)

      But yeah if you look at my analytics there is a huge spike of people just skipping to the Mo part to find out what happens.

    3. Ultrakool
  3. If anyone's interested, I made a video walking through considerations I've made when building my PvP deck with low resources: 


  4. It seems my last challenge video was too hard! You have one more week to join the only other person who has solved it so far (shoutout to @RadicalX) but if that sort of logic isn't your cup of tea, the 2nd challenge is now ready!



  5. Want to know how to beat @RadicalX in less than 5 minutes? Click HERE to find out!


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    2. WaterMelonLord


      :lol: Very good, highly entertaining. 

    3. Dallarian


      <expects clickbait>

    4. sylvix95


      I learnd so much about PVP in this video.

  6. The Beta Testers have spoken. They want you to help me commentate the craziest game we've ever played.

    @Geradon @RadicalX @John No spoilers :)

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    2. Geradon
    3. Tam Hawkins

      Tam Hawkins

      Tell us when it is up^^


    4. Eirias


      For those of you wondering, the recording is done :)

      I'll post a link here when I've finished editing.

  7. I finally finished that animation I've been spending so much time on! Take a look at it here: 


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    2. Ultrakool


      What's the background story on this?

    3. Tam Hawkins

      Tam Hawkins

      Really enjoyable, thanks for that^^

    4. Eirias


      @Tam Hawkins Thanks!

      @Ultrakool I was in Japan, internet was slow so I couldn't play BattleForge, and I had lots of free time because no homework :)

  8. Just uploaded a different kind of video!

    Let me know if you guys are interested in stuff like this, or if you'd rather I stick to the normal stuff.



    1. sylvix95


      This is an answer.

    2. Eddio


      Well the normal stuff is better but I guess this is also funny once in a while.  :P 

    3. Akaranda


      As someone who watches all the vids on the channel, more PvE please! :)

  9. One of the most unexpected moments I've ever seen or played in Battleforge! Check out my latest replay where @YaBro0 has to eat his words and admit how overpowered a certain card is:



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    2. Ultrakool


      Don't be so sure. It's so easy to underestimate that puny thing

    3. sylvix95


      Shame on you Ultrakool. :P

    4. SunWu


      Great! Now everybody's gonna lame deathgliders. What's next? I hope you don't tell'em about banner of glory!

  10. Looks like Closed Beta is about to be released! The BFR Contest closed, and as I recall, they said it would close when Closed Beta was ready :)

  11. Hey guys, I'm back and posting replays! I'm thinking about what direction to take my (personal) channel in the future, so I'd appreciate a comment on my thread! 


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    2. Eirias


      @ThomasMann I will definitely do PvP :). Perhaps I'll do PvE with someone really abusive, so that person can make fun of me the entire time. Maybe someone like @YaBro0, so he can get his revenge for all abuse I throw his way :)

    3. WaterMelonLord


      Good looking foward to it in the near future. 

    4. YaBro0


      Good god! Finally my time to strike back has come!!! Muhahaahaha, prepare yourself @Eirias the salt is coming :salt:

  12. For those of you wondering why I haven't put out any videos in a while:

    I'm in Japan for the next 2 months, and my internet upload speed is so bad that it takes about 5 hours per Gig, and it shuts down the rest of my internet while it's doing that. So I'll try to do more editing-intensive videos and post them a little more spaced out (I really dislike losing my internet for an entire day).


    I have 2 non-BF, editing intensive videos that I'm considering doing (and a couple BF-related ones, but those are a surprise). One is a Smash 4 combo video, and the other is a comedy sketch. Are people interested in either of those? If enough people reply, I'll make a poll.

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    2. Eirias


      @Kaliber84 I'm not as good at SSBM, but I do play a little bit. (I don't own a Wii U, so I often play with a tournament Melee player because he has a melee setup).

      Have you ever heard of netplay or 20XX melee? I can't play now because of my internet, but it would be cool to play some melee online when I get home.

    3. Kaliber84


      No I haven't. I never looked though as the only friends of mine who also like Smash Bros live close by.

      Sure. Just write me when you get back.

    4. Eirias


      @Kaliber84 I hope you're looking into it now :). Anther's ladder is a good place to play online with people.

      But I mostly play smash 4 (low level tournament player), so I'm better at that game :)

  13. Alright, I think I have my streaming schedule set up. @YaBro0 and I will try to stream every Sunday and Tuesday at 8:00 P.M. GMT. That's 3:00 for central US and 10:00 for Germany.

    Sunday streams will be at: https://www.twitch.tv/Eirias_BFR


    Tuesday streams will be at: www.twitch.tv/battleforgecom

  14. Sorry, no stream on Sunday! I might be able to make it up Monday though.

  15. YaBro0 and I are going to (attempt to) stream every Sunday! 

    We'll be doing it at 7:00 P.M. GMT. That's 2:00 for central US and 9:00 for Germany.


    1. Ultrakool


      sent you a pm Eirias

  16. YaBro0 and I are going to try streaming tomorrow at 7:00 P.M. GMT.


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    2. Treim


      i think seperating the replays is preferable :)

    3. EonBen


      oh.. idk it was like 7am so I prob saw the date wrong... oops, well, guess I'll have to hope for another time you guys do it XD 


    4. YaBro0


      @EonBen Actually we ar trying to do this on a weekly basis now :)

      If everything goes in the right way, you can watch the next strean on sunday same time ;)

  17. It's that time again! I'm just about finished with the Pure Nature section of my deckbuilding guide. (I think I can finish in a week, but no promises).

    What faction should I cover in my next section?

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    2. Ultrakool


      Yes he did check his earlier reply yesterday at 4pm

    3. Eirias


      @Kaliber84 You can control+F you know . . . :)

    4. Kaliber84


      I forgot to show previous comments. Sue me :P

  18. The Prequel to @LagOps's video!


    Ran into some technical difficulties and couldn't post it yesterday, but here it is! I might make more of these if people like them.

  19. For those interested, I posted a few more replays with YaBro0. One is a nice 2v2, and the other is a Rookie Review Starring @Ultrakool:)








    1. OverlorD


      Yay, more BF replays! 

  20. Just uploaded a replay sent to me from Taker!



    1. CapnCrunch


      I'll check it out

  21. Just uploaded some replays co-commentated with @anonyme0273!

  22. @YaBro0 and I co-commentated some replays. Check it out!



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ladadoos
    3. Eirias


      @Crosego Thanks! I've got 2 or 3 more on the way :)

    4. Crosego


      nice, waiting for those then ^^

  23. Last chance to vote for the next faction for me to cover in my guide! I'll probably finish it tomorrow.

    So far we have 1 vote for pure nature, 1 vote for shadow-nature, and 1 vote for stonekin.

    If there's a tie, I'll choose the one at the top of my list (organized fire>shadow>nature>frost, so shadow-nature will be the current tiebreaker choice).

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    2. Kaliber84


      I prefer to know about Stonekin but still vote for Nature. I don't see the point in having a Stonekin guide that covers at least a third of the Nature guide already. Start with the basics, then move on to the hybrids that build on them.

    3. Azta


      @veryhasted Burn!

      And ofc Nature!

      @Eirias If you want to do it in order, you should start with pure factions first, then later the mixed ones.

      Just my opinion

    4. SilenceKiller99


      @Azta and first fire and frost, because they were the first two factions, than nature and shadow.

  24. I'm almost done with the Fire-frost section of my guide! Hopefully I'll finish within a week.

    Which faction should I cover next?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Drezrak


      Nature-Shadow next

    3. Ultrakool


      Looking forward to it! How about Stonekin? :kappa:


    4. Azta
  25. For a double nature 2v2 match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRrknNe_QDg. This was pretty sweet :)

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