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    Croatia Sveta Nedelja
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    Games :D (Battleforge , Battlefield , World of Warships , Dota , Smite just some of the games i play)
    Space life in the universe and that kind of crazy stuf :D
    Ships (like realy big ones :D) world war 1-2 era ships

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  1. Crosego

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    read about it in another post, its a known issue. says to wait a minute and try again, now im getting too many people on the server so i guess i wait
  2. Crosego

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    ye gets connected to the game, loads forge displays disconnected from server
  3. Crosego

    Open Stress Test Information

    I hear my aggressors calling me... See you soon bois
  4. Crosego

    [Trailer] Open Beta Announcement

    Couple of friends and me are waiting patiently for open beta, im now excited more than ever, cant wait to get back to the forge. This kind of community serves as proof that with determination and patience alongside with hard work anything is possible! See you soon people!
  5. Crosego

    [Trailer] Open Beta Announcement

    see you soon fiki / vidimo se uskoro hehe
  6. Crosego

    Happy Birthday Skylords Reborn !

    I have been here since you started the project aswell. Allthough i dont talk alot i monitor your progress, it has been alot of time since this forum has opened... Alot of ups and downs, but you guys are still here. It makes me happy that you guys still didnt abandon this project and i hope you will continue to work on it. I know its time consuming and i allso know its not one of the easyest ones. Hope the universe has a way of paying you boys back for making guys like me happy for having a chance to play this game again. Happy birthday Skylords and let there be countless more to come.
  7. Crosego

    Announcement - Stream on 11/06/2016

    Thanks for answering so many of my questions! Love you guys! Keep up the good work! Still hyped here
  8. Crosego

    Wanted: BFR Company Manager

    i hope you work smth out with them... I realy want to play this game again i miss it alot
  9. Crosego

    Skylords Reborn (Coming Soon)

    hope you find everything and do what ever needs to be done. Alot of people like myself are waiting for the game that will eat countless hours of our time Keep up the good work guys, we are waiting
  10. Crosego

    BF Memeville

  11. Crosego

    kill the time till release

    okay now this seriusly made me laugh so hard
  12. Crosego

    Where are you from?

    croatia 10? not bad we are growing ^^
  13. Crosego

    Skylords Reborn (Coming Soon)

    yeah me too, was an awasome game! hope the will be able to continue with updates and keep the server going for a long time, battleforge was a game me and my friend played for alot, was fun and interesting, allso the market trades were pretty epic
  14. Crosego

    Wanted: BFR Company Manager

    What if you put a recruitment video on youtube? lets say you dont find company menager yet... You go on twitch play,stream a bit and say a few times that you need a company menager to handle the books, for free ofc some one who loves the game and has the general knowledge of how to do it. I do know its risky kind of... Its just a random thought... But perhaps some one would like to help for a little bit, or some one who can teach one of you to offer his help?

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