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Community Update - February 2023


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Greetings Skylords!

A lot has happened in the past month! In this Community Update, we catch up with the recent developments, while also looking towards the future and upcoming Skylords Reborn changes.


 Anniversary Patch Release

We hope it was hard to miss, but our latest patch is out! On the 14th of January, we released our 2nd Anniversary patch. The patch contains new cards (Raven Archwalker, Sanctuary), a new promo (Worldbreaker Gun), many balance changes, and new achievements that reward cosmetics! You can find the full patch notes here.

The introduction of cosmetics and their matching new achievements has also resulted in some issues, most of which have already been resolved with hotfix updates. We are aware of remaining issues with the leaderboard achievements and are working on a fix which includes retroactive reward distribution. We are also aware of major stuttering issues some player experience in the forge and are investigating the problem.

As is tradition, we have also opened up our patch feedback thread. Please provide feedback to us on the changes we have made to the game. Below are some of the topics which we are most interested in soliciting feedback, though feel free to offer any suggestions regarding the patch and the current direction of the game. 

Do you like the changes to cards and factions (PvE and PvP)? Why or why not? Where did we hit the mark, and implement something exciting you'd like to see more of? Where did you miss the mark, and what should we avoid in the future?

Do you enjoy the new cards, are they balanced, etc.?

What do you think of the new achievements? Which ones are fun and exciting? Which ones are frustrating and boring? Do you like the shift to cosmetic rewards instead of gameplay rewards like boosters and gold?

You can also join us at our balance discord to further discuss changes to cards. 


 Stonekin Deep Dive

In our Deep Dive documents, we share our thoughts and plans for a faction as well as give you some insight into our balancing process. Previously we explored the state of Pure Frost, Bandits and Pure Nature.

Today, we are excited to share our plans for the Stonekin faction. After exploring what the faction is all about, we took a look at its strengths, weaknesses, and play patterns. To expand on the Stonekin faction, we are working on a new spell called Tectonic Shift. Be sure to check out the Deep Dive if you want to know more!




 Recap Video

We have created a special recap video showcasing everything that was added to Skylords Reborn since the release. Catching up on Skylords Reborn should be easier than ever!

The video is voiced by Dreamlord, and we would also like to give a big thank you to Dutchy, Kapo, and Ultralord for helping create it. 

Being a volunteer project greatly limits our marketing options, so we hope we can count on you to spread the word about this great game.

Please share the video with your old BattleForge friends, show it to people who might be interested, or simply give it a like on YouTube. As a thank you for your support, we have also added a scratch code in the comment section of the video. 


 Card Creation Contest Results

Our official card creation contest has concluded. A big thank you to everyone who sent in their design. For this contest, we asked you to create your own Skylords Reborn card, which would be judged by our jurors. Entries were made anonymous, so the designs had to speak for themselves. 

We received 140 designs, ranging from hilarious meme cards to interesting designs and abilities.


The winners were revealed during a stream that you can rewatch here. You can also browse through all the results on the forum post here
A big thank you to
Kapo for gathering all the entries, Ultralord and Volin for hosting the stream, and RadicalX, Windhunter, and Hirooo for judging the entries and providing feedback.

And most importantly, thank you to every one of you who send in a design! We hope you liked the contest, and we are already exploring our options to add some of the ideas into the game, so look forward to that! 

 Upcoming Community Map Rework

Last Community Update, we mentioned we are going to focus more on map content this year. Alongside official map content, we have been hard at work to improve the Community Map section in the game.

In an earlier patch we already implemented a search function, and currently the Community Map section looks like this: 


While the search function certainly helped players to find specific maps (like our Spooky Encounters Halloween Map), the rest of this section of the game is currently severely lacking in user experience. We are going to make a couple of changes to greatly improve the experience for both community maps creators and players trying to play the maps they create. 

A star icon to the left of the map overview will indicate whether this map is featured, which can be done by the Skylords Reborn Staff to highlight certain maps, for example because of their high quality, or for certain events. Our plan is to also give rewards for playing featured maps, like gold and progress towards daily quests and community-map achievements. 

Everyone will be able to upvote or downvote a map. An upvoted map counts towards the upvotes for that map, but the downvote is purely for personal tracking. Downvotes will not be shown publicly, but they can be used to keep track of maps you personally dislike, so you can filter them out by using the new vote-filter. 

A player can only vote on a map after they have played (not necessarily won) the map once.

Players will be able to filter the maps based on a search term (map name, uploader name, and creator name), the number of players, the rating, and the map type. Map types are Community, Official (for PvP maps) and Featured.

There will be four sorting options: map name, amount of players in the map, upvotes, and last edited. For each sorting option, you will be able to choose ascending or descending sort order. 

Description and Minimap
Currently, unknown maps will show a [ ? ] on the minimap. With the rework, clicking on the map name will allow players to view the minimap, without downloading it first. Hovering over the map name will also show a tooltip with the description of the map.

Because there are a lot of maps available, it is a lot of work to find an interesting map in the current system. You will need to download the map first to view the minimap, and then create a match to view the description. Those two additions (minimap and description preview) will make that process easier and faster.

Below is our work in progress of the rework of the Community Maps section.


We hope these changes will encourage players to interact with more community maps, while also rewarding creating new maps by making them easier to find. We are currently finalizing our changes, and hope to patch them in the future. 


 Team changes

Nukie, one of our Global Moderators, has joined the Event Manager team. Besides continuing his moderator tasks, he will help out with organizing both community and official events.

If you are interested in helping out the project yourself, please take a look at our open positions. There is a range of areas you can help!  



 Tournaments / Events

Since Community Updates are posted on a monthly schedule, events might come and go in between them. Be sure to keep a close eye on the ingame event-tab and the forum calendar to not miss any events! 

FINISHED  – Battle of Tactics 3: Energy Investment 
For this contest, players had to build all power wells and monuments on the map "The Treasure Fleet" on standard difficulty as fast as possible, without losing any gold wagons. More information.

• STARTING SOON - Community PvE League - 06-02-2023 until 03-04-2023 
PvE League Season 2 is starting soon! The PvE League has challenges for all skill levels and ranks, and you don't need to be a speedrunner to be able complete the challenges. You can earn boosters/cards by completing the challenges with enough points, and there are also bonus challenge. Please sign up now if you still want to join. More information.

• Host your own tournament / event
Want to host a tournament or event yourself? Please reach out to our Event Organizers, Metagross, Minashigo Hiko, or Nukie! We can help you out with various topics and are glad to discuss potential ideas. We can also sponsor the prize pool for your event. If you have a cool idea for a PvE event, or want to host a PvP tournament, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, we will gladly assist you. 

Going forward, sponsored prizes for community events will be increased, while the prize pool of official events will be slightly reduced. We want to bridge the gap between official and community events to support them better. 


While we do our best to make it easy to follow Skylords Reborn by providing monthly news through these Community Updates, we are limited to the Forum and our Social Media channels to reach you. You can now sign up for our newsletter, which we will use to give you a heads-up about a new update. Don't worry, we hate spam as much as you do and won't use your data in any other way. 


If you provided your e-mail during our summer survey to stay up to date, you are automatically subscribed. Our first newsletter was sent out last month, announcing our patch release. 


 In Conclusion

And that's it for this Community Update, thanks for reading! 

As is tradition, this community update comes with a scratch code. 
The code will reward you with a Stonekin booster: 

The code is valid until March 1st, when we will bring you another Community Update. 

As always, we are open to feedback, so please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments! 

Community Update footer.png

Skylords Reborn Documents (Deep Dives, Behind the Scenes, PvP Guide)  
Overview Community Updates
Community Update January 2023

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  • Majora changed the title to Community Update - February 2023
3 hours ago, Majora said:

We are also aware of major stuttering issues some player experience in the forge and are investigating the problem.

Oh okaaaay, and I thought my old Laptop is giving up on the game xD

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Great work and I surely am pleased with the Stonekin love!


On 2/2/2023 at 2:27 AM, Hrdina_Imperia said:

The Stonekin plans are really interesting, and I love the idea to build their identity around buildings. Stonekin WBG when? 🤑


I wouldn't mind it but hard to imagine a Stonekin WBG fitting in. What do you mean by it? Then again I was suggesting a T4 flying unit...

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