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Every month we give you an overview of everything happening behind the scenes in Skylords Reborn, including upcoming content. Below you can find a list of all the community updates and a summary of their content.

Update 39 - September 1st 2023
• Feedback Survey 2023 results
• New Card Reveal: Tectonic Shift
• Gameplay Trailer
• Team changes: Linkx as joined as Discord Moderator, Vultagx as Global Moderator, Pierakor as Tool Developer, Lucas Ansei as Web Developer, Kayrie as Map Artist. 

Update 38 - August 1st 2023
• Patch release: QoL Patch
• Cinematic trailer
• Card rework spotlight: Stronghold
• Fire-themed Forge reveal
• Map making fundamentals
• Team changes: Nukie left the event department

Update 37 - July 1st 2023
• Feedback Survey 2023
• Announcing a new rPvE difficulty
• Voice acting update

Update 36 - June 1st 2023
• Patch release: Nature's Awakening
• Patch Overview Video - Nature's Awakening
• Patch feedback thread
• Opening voice-acting applications
• Art Spotlight: Stonekin Bedrock
• Team changes: Damo and Hrdina Impéria joined as Map Designers, Discoheart as Audio Editor. 

Update 35 - May 1st 2023
• Patch Date announcement - Nature's Awakening
• A look at Nature rPvE - Interview with Hodron
• Easter Event recap
• Event: Through Ice and Flames
• Team changes: Piskr joined as Client Developer, Ultralord as Video Editor, Volin as Map Tester Coordinator. Katchau (developer) left the team

Update 34 - April 1st 2023
• April Fool's: Skylords on GameBoy
• Upcoming Lost Souls changes
• New card reveal: Sleet Storm
• Art Spotlight: Sleet Storm
• Team changes: CrazyCockerell and Titan joined the team as Tech-artists

Update 33 - March 1st 2023
• Forge Lag and Leaderboard Achievements fix
• Upcoming Feature: Drop Locations
• Upcoming Feature: Comparing Profiles
• Behind the Scenes: Fire Wormlings
• PvP Guide Update

Update 32 - February 1st 2023
• Anniversary Patch Release
• Stonekin Deep Dive
• Recap Video: 2 years of improvements
• Card Creation Contest Results
• Upcoming Community Map Rework

Update 31 - January 1st 2023
• Rewatch the 2nd Anniversary Stream
• A look at Cosmetics (borders, banners, titles)
• New card reveal: Promo Worldbreaker Gun
• Advanced Filtering in-game tooltip
• Sign-up for the newsletter
• Development focus in the future

Update 30 - December 1st 2022
• Announcing 2nd Anniversary
• A first look at Cosmetics
• New card reveal: Sanctuary
• Art spotlight: Sanctuary
• Team changes: Chibiterasu (balance developer) left the team

Update 29 - November 1st 2022
• Halloween Event (on a new Community Map)
• New card release and adjustments: Evil Eye
• New card reveal: Raven Walker
• Team changes: WaterMelonLord as Global Moderator, Mynoduesp as Quality Assurance. 

Update 28 - October 1st 2022
• Patch release: new content patch
• Patch release: follow-up achievement patch
• New card reveal: Evil Eye
• A look into our Art Process
• Team changes: R4bitF00t as Map Artist. 

Update 27 - September 1st 2022
• Feedback Survey 2022 results
• Upcoming patch information; why we nerf cards
• New card reveal: Tranquility
• Announcing our Instagram
• Team changes: Ult joined as client/server developer, Katchau joined as client developer, Lebovim joined as Balance Devleoper, Maxxxel joined to explore 3D models, Dallarian moved from Global Moderator to the Map Department. nkmol (web-interface) left the team.

Update 26 - August 1st 2022
• Introducing Hybrid Orbs
• New card reveal: Twilight Slayers
• Adjustments to Reforging 
• Added Internal Tester as an open position

Update 25 - July 1st 2022
• Feedback Survey 2022
• State of the project
• List of potential features that could be added if more people join the team. 
• Team changes: Firefly (artist) left the team. Kapo is rewarded Skylord of Honor.

Update 24 - June 4th 2022
• Patch release: Force of Nature
• Patch overview trailer
• New cards: Wasteland Terror, Transcendence, Burning Spears
• Promo Mana Wing added to the game, alongside new achievements
• Map changes (campaign and 2vs2 maps)
• PvP changes (new player protection, anonymous player names, losses are now hidden, updates to free PvP decks, improved rewards, added happy hours).
• rPvE fire balance changes
• Card balance changes
• New Team Members: Hirooo as faction designer. MarcoMaar (UI developer) and RookieN (map designer) left the team.
• Community Updates will move to a monthly release.  

Update 23 - May 14th 2022
• New card reveal: Burning Spears
• Art Spotlight: Burning Spears
• Upcoming PvP changes (Queue drains the reserve, hide playernames, hide losses, new player protection, free PvP deck changes, rebalanced 2vs2 maps and Happy Hours) 
• Open positions rework
• New Team Members: Nukie as Global Moderator

Update 22 - April 23rd 2022
• Wasteland Terror looks reveal
• New achievements announcement
• Upcoming rPvE Fire balance changes
• New Team Members: Friendly Firefly as 2D artist, LamonChan as Tool Developer

Update 21 - April 2nd 2022
• Nature Deep Dive
• Introducing Skylords Bounty
• Mana Wing Promo Reveal
• New artwork reveal (Mana Wing)
• Event Survey
• New Team Members: aodpi as Tool Developer, nkmol as webdeveloper

Update 20 - March 12th 2022
• New card: Transcendence
• New artwork reveal (Transcendence)
• New legends (lore)
• New Team Members: Cocofang and Xanatoss as balance developers.

Update 19 - February 18th 2022
• Teaser rPvE Nature
• New artwork reveal (Banzai Bird, Stronghold)
• New tools for new players
• Skylords Reborn wallpapers
• New Team Members: Spirit Alpha as 2D-artist, Dutchy promoted to Lead Moderator, Dallarian and Naturee as moderators. Pascal, DragonOfTime and Lontzek left the moderation team. 

Update 18 - January 29th 2022
• Small patch
• Adjustment to booster images
• Winter Forge
• Current state of the Economy & Reforging
• Deep Dive: Towers
• Art Timelapse Video
• New Team Members: Runeseeker as Marketeer

Update 17 - January 8th 2022
• Yearly recap video
• New voicelines implemented (Banzai Lord, Amii Paladins)
• Started development on new campaign maps: new Lore discord
• Updates to SMJ and Skylords Reborn Stat websites

Update 16 - December 18th 2021
• Patch release: Anniversary Patch
• New card reveals: Amii Paladins, Amii Phantom Redesign, Bandit Sniper, Banzai Lord
• Free PvP decks update
• PvP Guide
• New mode: RPvE Fire
• New feature: Reforging
• New feature: Avatar management
• Advanced filtering
• Booster Discount + Santa
• Carofex left the team as a balance developer.

Update 15 - December 3rd 2021
• Anniversary stream announcement
• New card reveal: Bandit Minefield
• A look behind the scenes into creating a new PvP card
• Deep Dive: Bandits
• New Team Members: RookieN as Map Designer / Map Developer / Map Artist, Metagross as Event Manager, Kerkk left the team

Update 14 - November 13th 2021
• New card reveal: Wasteland Wing
• Voice Actor update
• Updated 2vs2 maps (test-server)
• New Promo: vote results
• New Team Members: Lontzek and Parity as Global Mods

Update 13 - October 23th 2021
• New card reveal: Coat of Protection
• New Promo: started voting
• Looking for Voice Actors

Update 12 - October 2nd 2021
• Progress update on new Sounds
• Open Sourcing of the Effect Editor
• Update on Defence RPvE

Update 11 - September 11th 2021
• New Patch released
• Insight in Survey Data
• Community Updates moving to a 3 instead of 2 week schedule
• Open Sourcing of new Sound Converter
• New Team Members: Madgadget as Discord Moderator, DutchyDutchy promoted to Global Moderator. Ultrakool and Bradley left the team. 

Update 10 - August 28th 2021
• Feedback Survey
• Opening Discussion of upcomming map changes
• PvP Improvements in development
• New Team Members: Rawne as Map tester. Razeroc left the team. 

Update 9 - August 14th 2021
• Deep Dive: Rarities
• Test Server Patch Notes
• New Team Members: Kerkk as web developer

Update 8 - July 31th 2021
• PvP deck adjustments
• Special Effect editor
• New Team Members: DutchyDutchy as Discord Moderator

Update 7 - July 17th 2021
• Test server patch
• Status update new cards
• Deep Dive: Pure Frost
• New Team Members: ddrazard as Discord Moderator

Update 6 - July 3rd 2021
• State of the Project
• Map Editor clean-up + extended map settings
• PvP QoL feature: view lobbies while in a ranked queue
• New Team Members: Carofex as Balance Developer

Update 5 - June 19th 2021
• New Logo revealed
• New cards actively in development, factions revealed: Frost, Bandit and Amii
• First draft and voting for the Expansion Symbol 
• New Patch on the test-server
• New art for Firesworn revealed
• New Team Members: Hodron as Map Designer, _empty_ left the team

Update 4 - June 5th 2021
• New card development announcement
• Why Fire/Frost cards are currently not possible
• PvE Taskforce creation
• New Team member: Kubik as Client Developer/Reverse Engineer

Update 3 - May 21th 2021
• Promo Snapjaws Trade-able
• New patch on the test server
• Skylords Reborn Design Philosophy 
• New Team Members: Hardware Heinz as Global Moderator. MrXLink left the team

Update 2 - May 8th 2021
• PvE: State of PvE
• PvE: In Development
• Public Test Server
• New Team Members: Hiko as Event Manager, MarcoMaar as Client Developer
• List of Discord channels

Update 1 - April 23th 2021
• Balance Patch #2
• Added In-game Tournament tab
• Card Description Project
• New Teammembers: Tweeto as 2D artist, Majora as Community Manager


Yearly Recap Video - 2021

Yearly Recap Video - 2022


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