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  1. I suppose it's probably just for the fun/synergy but been playing a similar deck (still quite different, but half of the cards are the same and most of the others I don't have). Curious whether ethereal storm really manages to scale up to a point where it is worth taking here over something like soulshatter (less orb requirements same power cost) Especially given the lack of void return, and on that note it seems like you could get into a pickle with necroblaster without cultist master so I might favor lost launcher there.
  2. dougfir

    Lost Wanderer

    Cool, gold chest interaction isn't super important, I just wanted to note it as affected by the unit because it is a weird interaction. One thing I've noticed since starting this thread is that you actually *can* control who gets shielded by lost wanderer. I'm not sure prioritizing unshielded units would help with what I wanted, since I had a front line of a T2 Lost reavers, with a backline of skeleton archers, with the Lost reavers pulling the camp, so before running in I wanted shields on the reavers. Preferably without having to keep the backline out of range of the wanderer. I t
  3. dougfir

    Lost Wanderer

    Yeah, I'm not exactly sure whether it is truly random, But i've failed to notice a pattern. One other thing I have noticed is that, when *other* units are around they can't open gold chests either, I didn't test if he causes other units to have the same building healing behavior, but that might make sense if he goes into combat mode when shielding, and in turn causes other units to go into combat mode also? Edit: It doesn't appear to be the case that other nearby units are affected by healing in the same way they are during gold chest pickup.
  4. dougfir

    Lost Wanderer

    There are a few things about lost wanderer which make it nearly unplayable, or extremely situational. It would be nice if the shield given preferred units in the same group, then if all units in the group are already shielded apply it to random friendly units. The shield animation/passive ability also interacts badly with healing from buildings and wells. Similarly it makes it nigh impossible to pick up a gold chest. The healing was already listed as working as intended in the bug reports, but I feel that given cold/shadow T2's relatively limited healing and that it relatively
  5. I wonder about making a flag for this which could be set by the group leader, so that in order for the run to count towards achievements the flag must be set. Ideally this flag would also provide a signal for groups that are aiming for a specific achievement in such a way that it could lead to a mechanism that you can make finding groups aiming for a specific achievement easier via the campaign map, or achievements screen. Anyhow just trying to spitball ideas that make everything better for everyone.
  6. Is there some trick to getting custom_filter_extensions.json to work? Trying to use the default custom filters like missing=1 in place of copies=0 never seems to work, and when I add my own filters they are never recognized. I see that custom_filter_extensions.json file name seems to be hard coded into some binaries. But just wanted to check that I don't need to copy it into some directory, rename it, or some step that I missed. I assume it might have something to do with running under wine so if there is any logging/debug info anywhere I've also missed I'd be happy to try look into that.
  7. New player so this may have been suggested already or perhaps obvious, but I would like to see an Amii card that turns natures healing offensive, Amii Martyr: Passive: After being healed does 20% damage for 10s Active ability: for 10s reflects 50% of healing received as damage to enemy units within 15m
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