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Skylords Reborn (Coming Soon)


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I hope nothing bad happens to this project. I remember playing this years ago, loving it, wanting to come back to it, coming back to it, and all of a sudden the servers were gone. I didn't find this treasure of a game until late 2012 though, but i did still love the game. I had less then a year to enjoy this :(

Alot of my favourite games were either ruined by companies or shutdown, much like battleforge.
Keep it up Devs!

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Hello the BFR community, i just wanted to make this thread to say how grateful i am towards the creators of BFR, i remember playing this game along time ago as a kid, i remember looking for Battle forge last year and couldn't find the game cause it was shutdown, but now when i found this i thought it was a lie a first but after little more research I'm convinced that this 100% real. i use to love Battle forge and i can't wait to see what you guys can do with it. Thank you and Goodbye 

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Hello there.

I found out about this project about 2 weeks ago and couldn't believe it.

Battleforge was one of my favourite games of the past even thouh EA used it as a money machine and eventually closed it after it didnt make a certian amount of money in a month :P.

So I just want to thank all the people who are doing there best to bring back the game and make it playable once again. Everyone who is supporting the game, making suggestions, donate money, testing the game and of course developing the gameserver back to a playable state.

i would offer my help if I could but i'm still kind of a donkey when i comes to programming. ( I'm learing though ) 

Anyways thanks to everyone and hope to see you a lot on the forums until and after the games 2nd release ;).

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i know how hard it is to programm this and thats the hole game depend on the free time of 3 devs. that are study or working in rl and do this in their free time aldo rl, family and work goes before. so i did ask myself would it not be helpfull to search for more progammers/ devs so that the game does evolve faster. 

i mean at the start there where only 2 devs with the 3. dev on board the speed of devlopping increaced by maybe 50% so wy not search for others maybe a 4. - 6. dev could increase the progress aldo i have to say the more peoples work on the project the higher the chance of failures. but you can then simply put the existing 2-3 devs in a higher position (senior dev or superior dev) so they can check the work befor implemnting. 

in my opinion new devs (max 3 new) could increase the devlopping progress between 20% and 100% (depending on skill and failure rate) 

maybe just reopen the topic where you searched for new devs (maybe one of the last 1500 new member is skilled enouth to do the job)


solong keep the hype

That would indeed be the easy solution.

But the problem is, more devs means more minds on the code. Currently we have a team that has good knowledge of the code, and works together fine.
Every time a dev is added, the dev team may be at risk. (Kinda over exaggerating).

The skill level required is not average. For example, I would be against just adding a developer that is good at java (and thus thinks that's enough for C#).
Besides that, "Programming" speed is not the issue. There is a lot more work in Reverse Engineering.

We don't just care about getting it done, we also care about doing it well.

But soon there might be an announcement regarding help with development.

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Not to be a dick, or ask a repetitive question, buuutttt how do I test the game? or play err rather when is a good date for this game?

PS. why cant I donate?

Alpha Testers have already been testing the game and the next stage is Closed Beta for which you'll have to wait for further information from staff members. They are currently not accepting donations since they first want to setup a company: http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1293-wanted-bfr-company-manager/ 

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13 minutes ago, SilenceKiller99 said:

I was just wondering... would there be an 'undercover EA guy' on this forum, just to monitor the process or something? How would they actually know when/why to stop the project if they wanted to?

I think they got better stuff to do than send someone to stalk a project...

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On 28.01.2016. at 6:27 PM, corinthoPR said:
  1. Thank you guys for the iniative. It is amazing what you are doing! I am pretty excited to play again Battle Forge! :)

yeah me too, was an awasome game! hope the will be able to continue with updates and keep the server going for a long time, battleforge was a game me and my friend played for alot, was fun and interesting, allso the market trades were pretty epic :D

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Hello you crazy dev team,

I also wanted to take the chance to thank you guys for what you are doing for the community. I mean I don't know you and still you want to make my life a better place... all the love in the worls for you. ❤

But let's get serious. I don't think that we can actually imagine what effort you put in this project and I can't say how hyped we all are. I just wanted to remind the community that even though we aren't on the dev team or among the alpha tester's we can all help by showing our support. It's always hard to keep the motivation up on a long running project. So let's show this little crazy good looking devs how thankful we are. The "little crazy good looking" isn't approved but I'm sure their are some pretty handsome people at work here. 

In love YaBro0 ❤

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5 hours ago, Bkingn said:

Hello there, i have the old battleforge files on my computer can i help you guys if i can send the files. So is it helpful? Or just delete it. And secondly if theres an option to donate or support BFR where can i do this?:)

They already have all the files they need. As far as donating goes, that is currently closed until a BFR-company manager is found: 


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