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  1. My legacy: :kappaross:

    1. Azta


      yoooo, you alive.

  2. They kept working on this project for 5 years. They have my trust. Besides this game is awesome you don't want to miss out.
  3. WTT Northguards for Promo Mo.

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    2. EranShoval


      Just wanted to add that my Northguards are very brave. You better start raising your offers.

    3. Valaraukar


      Are they still base or already maxed out?

    4. WaterMelonLord


      how about 100 :watermelon:

  4. Atlas Reactor is f2p 13th - 15th of may go check it out on steam if it interests you :)

    1. InsaneHawk


      I really like this game, I approve, don't hesitate to test it :D

  5. Just wanted to let you know overwatch is in open beta atm so don't miss your chance and try it :)

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    2. EranShoval


      All is good mmmm8:kappaross: revolution is still going strong :rogan:

    3. Azta


      Good good :kappaross:

    4. Kaliber84


      :o I thought it was console-only. But it isn't!!! Thx man

      Even though the open beta already ended XD

  6. Wish granted but you're in great debt to EA I wish for some milk and cookies.
  7. What do you guys think about this song? Its my favorite OST from guilty gear :)



    1. EonBen


      oh, I liiiike it

    2. Valaraukar


      Pretty boring as a song but pretty good for a game like that I guess.

    3. EranShoval


      @Valaraukar Yeah i agree with you its more of a soundtrack then a song it was just a poor choice of words ^^

  8. 8CtIckx.jpg High Lord rank :kappaross:

    1. chargeR


      All pray fiki and his rep+ farm

    2. Ladadoos
  9. When Microsoft let their A.I learn from humans (TayTweets):

    http://imgur.com/a/Zfwsz Racism :hype: :kappaross:

    1. Ladadoos
    2. ikke2902


      Microsoft developed an AI who is capable of making internet memes :kappa:

  10. When your enemy is a bro in brawlhalla :kappaross:



  11. Harvester unit says: "Love you too" and i'll do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to prove it. :ladadoos:

  12. Hello EA stalker who checks if we are suspicious of him
  13. Beta is coming Soon™

       \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
        > ⌒ヽ 
       /   へ\ 
       /  / \\ 
       レ ノ   ヽ_つ 
      / /        @Ladadoos the oppressor can't stop me :kappaross:
      / /| 
     ( (ヽ 
     | |、\ 
     | 丿 \ ⌒) 
     | | ) / Lノ 
    `ノ ) 

  14. Welcome Bolrader I wish you the best of luck
  15. One of the very few people who don't have a BattleForge card as their image
  16. Another shitty Brawlhalla match from yours truly :cookie:

    1. InsaneHawk


      What a pro' ! :D

    2. Shalade


      I don't know why, but the white one reminds me of Frost from Warframe ^^

    3. Azta
  17. I always read your name as "The **** you on".
  18. Brawlhalla MLG finisher :kappa:

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    2. Ultrakool


      Such bs.... How the hell do you catch a bomb?

    3. Loptous


      Smash clone?

    4. Azta


      Holy sheeet, that was awsome ^^


      @Loptous How could it be smash clone? Smash wasn't the first game in this genre, this is kinda an "ancient" genre lol

  19. 2016 gotta be fun having BattleForge and Lost Ark :rogan:

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    2. Equinox98x


      And Ark: Survival Evolved

    3. EranShoval


      Don't worry guys trading is my top priority :rogan:

    4. Azta


      And Blade & Soul, Black Desert Online...

      I would love Lost Ark, but i can't understand why developers put guns in fantasy games like these. It makes awful and ugly the whole game for me. Bows swords shields and guns? Wtf is this nonsense?

      I think i will try only BDO from this 3 titles, i don't really like the art work in B&S.

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