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  1. Thug Life


    Does anyone play Old School Runescape? #DareToAsk When you play please comment down under My ingame name is: Flame Forge
  2. Thug Life

    What unit would you like seeing a promo version of ?

    A promo spikeroot would be absolutely smashing?
  3. Thug Life

    Introducing ... Bolrader

    That's what we need.. More developers Glad to hear this and @Bolrader good luck with the reverse engineering!
  4. Thug Life

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    9/10 because of the great melody with an awesome climax
  5. Everyone says its too early blabla but i would love to participate:)
  6. Thug Life

    What unit would you like seeing a promo version of ?

    I prefer a skyfire drake promo, that would be really epic. Since the majority plays fire in pvp
  7. Thug Life

    Opening Tournament

    I'd like to join the 1v1
  8. Thug Life

    The legendary forum game "count"

    829 Yeahh:)

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