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  1. HI just doing my 2monthly check up, I was wondering will they notify player on email about the live or open beta or what ever its made to public when it will be ready to play?... I do check semi monthly but sometimes I get caught up in gaming and not until I retire those game do I notice "hey they still doing battleforge"..... been on albion online testing the crap out of it and just retire right now and notice that you guys still working on this. so If it is not to much trouble please do notify your forum player about the release if possible so that we don
  2. phew haven't been here in months been on dirty bomb/albion online/ and now blade soul came out. came in to check if the project was still alive. glad to see that it is, wish you the best and hope to see the game running when ever its finish ^,^
  3. came for my monthly check up. good to hear the news thanks
  4. like I said there is a lot of thing you can play out there. hell I found site where they doing emulator for the old days of pokemon collections and the old game I use to play on all the retro system... but yeah checking once in a while is not a bad idea ^,^.. and to me you should step back in expect a 1-2year worth like a real game development XD...
  5. actually my advice for you is to check once a week. 3 times a month, or make it 2 times a month and play another game. I been playing so many games that im almost done and cant find another one [82mmo,21privateserver] [atm in playing D.B after AFR is currently crashing and buggy].... play other game and check 2-3 times a month or less if you need to. once it comes out for beta and you don't even realize it, you will be happy to return ^,^.... its what I do for most beta game
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