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  1. I'd like to see this just to help out friends who don't have any card charges. I don't think griefing would be a big issue with this change. It's almost guaranteed that anyone with offering also has rifle cultists, so if they really wanted to grief you, they'd just dark grenade all your orbs anyways.
  2. I see no reason to consider changing ranked to even allow for the option of collection only. The whole point of a competitive ranked PvP mode in ANY game is to provide an experience where players can use their skill to outplay their opponent(s) and obtain rankings based on their demonstrated skill. Once you have outside influences giving one player an advantage over another before the match even starts, it begins to trivialize any showing of skill, thus the "ranked" aspect is pointless. I get that quite a few players enjoyed the fact that you could grind for a maxed out PvP deck and then
  3. No, there was already a warning given about multi-accounting on discord. It can be tracked and accounts can be banned.
  4. Obviously nobody is gonna put up money for ingame content until the game is fully released. I also highly doubt the chinese farmers will target this game as there isn't enough money to be made and the playerbase is nowhere near high enough. It works for games like WoW because they have millions of players as well as a way to use tons of currency that isn't very short lived and finite. Battleforge on the other hand does not have enough uses of BFP for players to keep purchasing currency from farmers and card purchases will be limited to a max of 4 times. The low playerbase also makes it ve
  5. If this game does indeed become popular to the point of having over 100k recurring players daily, you can be assured EA will do whatever they have to do to milk money out of them. Luckily, that may never be an issue unless someone starts streaming this game on twitch with Drake. Having only a few thousand or even 10k players probably won't be enough to catch their attention.
  6. Back in my TF2 days, my favorite weapon was the scouts baseball bat. I got pretty good at dodging projectiles while strafing around in circles, bashing people with it. Many of those people would then complain about how insane it was that nearly every other hit would be a random crit before calling me a hacker and somehow, the name was formed. The "Da" in the middle looked better when typed than "The"
  7. Holy crap, just found out about this project the other day. You have no idea how happy this makes me. There was a void that no other RTS games like Starcraft or its ripoffs on steam could fill. Battleforge is still unique and was such a great game with so much potential, but it was flawed from the ground up and ultimately cut short by publisher greed. (Even those of us who were constantly giving away free bfp and cards couldn't make up for this) I hope you all manage to take this game to where it should've gone in the first place. I look forward to playing with you all and seeing
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