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  1. Luner Hunter

    Open Beta *Memes* Collection !

    most ppl are like this rn, but me... i just want my hours to sleep back Q_Q
  2. Luner Hunter

    Can we get a Discord Emote for #fikinews?

    ack a virus Q_Q
  3. Luner Hunter

    Open Stress Test Information

    we can enjoy, i'd hope this guy gets blacklisted for being an asshat :|
  4. Luner Hunter

    Open Stress Test Information

    sorry you haven't spent the time to watch when Dawson and Hawk stream, nor have you spent enough time tracking what's actually going on to realise that people are actually working hard to bring you something you OBVIOUSLY aren't entitled to no does someone like you deserve to play
  5. Luner Hunter

    Open Stress Test Information

    i've been in two streams with Dawson and one with InsaneHawk the leader of this projec, it works on their closed WINDOWS servers but they were having issues with their OB LINUX servers, that's why there hasnt been a OB release right yet
  6. I'd love a discord emote for #fikinews as a play on FakeNews but also for all of those asking for dev updates from normal members they can just reply with the emote cuz fiki always post the dev updates in the discord on mondays. would just be a cool lil thing to have

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