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Skylords Reborn (Coming Soon)

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Hello guys ! InsaneHawk here, and today we're really proud to announce you our project !  Thank you guys for all the support, and see you soon in the forge Skylords ! 

IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HYPE I HOPE FOR 3 MOUTH OPEN BETA !!!                                                                                       thx

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I really wish all of the staff members good luck and I wanna thank you for bringing the game back. I believe that like me many others are supporting you whether if it's donation or community involvement :)


Thank you for donating <3

You and other donors keep this game alive, while it is brought to life by the developping team :)

This community is perfectly in sync.

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sry... i'm russian, bad english

thx for this guys... this game is my dream... i like this game but EA... fk...

forward this project but tell me when ??? thx guys rlly

There is no estimated time of arrival for Beta nor the full release yet. It's estimated that closed Alpha will start tomorrow. Alpha is just the forge and social features to test the game, but not everyone will be able to play Alpha (only staff members and people that are "Alpha Testers")

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Is it possible to downloaad the launcher already


nope :/ and It will be a slow week this week, so if you check back around mid of next week maybe there will be some great progress and we can/will stream something :)

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after alpha is beta right? so beta is for for all or again like 20 people only will play?

nope, there will be more people in Alpha coming in soon, and for beta even more people. Definitely more than 20 but they can't really give an exact figure right now :P

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