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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's not how the root network support mechanism worked before. I had tested it extensively before and for what I had noticed : When an entity connected to the root network entered combat, it "borrowed" as much support as it could from the network, then the next entity to entered into combat does the same with what remained, and so on until the supports were exhausted. To use the same example : 5 entities with 10 supports, we arrive at the following : entity 1 (3 supports), entity 2 (3 supports), entity 3 (3 supports), entity 4 (1 supports), entity 5 (0 supports), But now, I just redo the test and the supports finally seem to be distributed evenly between each entity ! It may not seem important, but when a card that can connect to the network levels up, its max "borrow" increases by 1 (from 3 to a maximum of 6), which used to starve the network and the other entities even faster. This was even detrimental in some (r)PvE map when waves came from several sides at the same time.
  2. [No idea why, but I finally managed to retrieve my account ! The "Forgot your password?" has never worked until now. ] Finally, I can tell you how much I am grateful for all the work that you made to ressurect this game ! Thank you very much.
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