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Skylords Reborn - All you need to know!

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Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolks, After five years of development Skylords Reborn has finally hit full release, we want to thank every single one of you for joining and supporting us on

Your client have lost the connection, every time 

Maybe it will work if you use some more exclamation marks.

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Well i guess the log in servers are not the problem but the amount of people who wanna log in at the same time the cause why some can play and some not will be that the server can´t handle so many requests and can´t hold a stable line . The problem is that i´m not pretty sure if this few devs can fix this prob in a few weeks or months cause they need a Stats picture  with the average ammount of players who wanna log in or better sayed try to log in only then i belive that they could fix this problem otherwise they must count with 21 -25 k people and thats with 1 server pretty insane and unrealistic ^^ so i guess we have to wait until they hotfix A ) Multi Servers that splits the ammount of people  or B ) find a solution for the strong probs in Login Q and hard reset the server  but i guess it was pretty obvious that playing wasn´t a real option for all player on this stress test^^ even if the news say ,,currently in  beta "  its more an alpha or tech alpha i would say ^^


I am sry for the bad grammar on english i´m a bit rusty :'D

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Just now, Manu said:

My account is fully completed but I can't login. I am using my email instead of username and the correct password. I even changed password to make sure I am using the right one.

Can someone please help me ! :)

It says that my account or password is wrong.

It is not a passwort/username error. There are just too much people on the server. Just be patient. I have the same problem.

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Just now, superspeed311 said:

Finally after so long we can play the game 


thank all who support the game and special thank to the developer that has the courage and the commitment to develop this game 


see you people in the forge

 good look on trying getting on the server :'D

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