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  1. Well i just got in, looked around for a couple minutes, crashed however. Doesn't matter, good times guys.
  2. I know right haha. Brings back memories if not the game itself right now
  3. You know what? You even trying to bring back this game is a miracle so any delays and unforeseen glitches isn't that big of a deal. Take the time you need to make this the way you want and nevermind the naysayers. Cheers guys
  4. I wanted to have an english version of my name and Mathew sounded cool.Thing is I didn't know much english back when BF started and just spelled it how I thought it went.The name just kind of stuck since then :D
  5. Hi everyone, I'm Matko from Croatia.I played this game since 2009 (my first real mmo) and was really sad when EA closed the server,but i guess we will be playing it again real soon. Thanks for bringin it back guys
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