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  1. Same problem on my side. First i could not connect to games (stuck in loading screen for minutes). Now i am jsut getting dcs when I am clicking on the auction house.
  2. Log in works quite fine now. Creating a game is also no problem for me (most oft the time) Could play 3 games yesterday in the evening without a freeze Today 4 trys and 4 freezes so far. :/
  3. Unfortunately this is not working out. Always getting a dc during i am create the game in a group.
  4. Seems like this is a commong problem right now. Many users are complaining about this in the game.
  5. same thing on my side. Just could start one but freezed at the time location where it freezed two days ago :/
  6. It is not a passwort/username error. There are just too much people on the server. Just be patient. I have the same problem.
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