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  1. Hello first of all, thank you for helping me out! Since 2 days when I send a mail to somebody, the person won't receive it and when somebody sends a mail to me, I don't receive it.. This bug is insanely annoying because you need the mailing system a lot in this game.. I hope anybody can help me out, every respond is highly appreciated!
  2. NAME: Booster receival error SEVERITY´╗┐: 3 LOCATION: Inventory REPRODUCIBILITY: Never had the same bug again or before DESCRIPTION: After clicking the collect all button in the mail of the daily reward, the booster didn't go to my booster inventory thus I never got it.. (I completed a daily challenge for it) ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONS: I never got any warning or anything.. The booster simply didn't make it to my inventory. Ingame name : Spiderwulf
  3. When my friend presses the 'PLAY' button on the client, everything freezes and he gets the message of the provided picture below. He already has Direct X 11 and his pc has a GTX 1070 so his pc should definitely be able to handle the game. Could anybody help him out? Every help is appreciated!
  4. In the login screen I have 2 different bugs that happen which prevent me from entering the game: 1) When I fill in my username & password and press login, my mouse turns into an hourglass and for about a minute or two nothing happens (although it says 'Succes'). Then suddenly I get the loading bar with the BF logo and when it's filled, I enter the forge but I instantly get a message "Your client has lost the connection to the server" and when I press 'OK', I go all the way back to the login screen.. 2) I press login and after about a minute or 2 it says "Dissconnected. Your client has lost the connection to the server." (see the picture) I hope somebody can help me out with this annoying problem. Every help is appreciated, thank you. I will reward the person who helped me out.
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