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  1. Could you add the replay file to your post please?
  2. NAME: Time left for daily boost is not rounded DESCRIPTION: The time left for the daily boost is not rounded causing the UI to become messy as shown in the screenshot. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO:
  3. With all the quests and achievements that have been added to the game, it happens quite often that I complete a quest or achievement after playing a match while I had no idea what I actually did to complete the quest or achievement. Of course I can search for the achievement name in the achievement window, but it would less effort if the obective would be included in the reward mail.
  4. When trying to collect all cards, it is currently not possible to see which cards you are still missing (unless you have enough gold to upgrade them all, so you can use the upgrade lvl 3 achievement to see which cards you are missing). Therefor it would be nice to add an achievement to collect cards so you can use the achievement to identify which cards you are missing. When new cards are added to the game, maybe reopen the achievement for players who already completed it but without a reward.
  5. In empire you can also battle some Stonekin enemies. In Ascension at the end of map 3 there are some spawns of special units like mutating frenzy, magma hurler and a frost-skinned Stonekin warrior.
  6. Thanks for hosting the contest, it was really fun to participate. I want to point out one small trick that was missed in the stream: if you place one defender near your first orb, the three nature creatures that will spawn in the west will not attack your orb but stay idle at their spawn position.
  7. Good points, I agree that it would be nice to keep the gate switching. But it would probably be better if more emphasis could be made that switching the gate also makes the attacks harder each time.
  8. I'm not sure if making the incoming attacks less hard is really needed. Many players think the incoming is too hard because they only use the gate exploit but forget it one time and then face the dragon. But they don't realize that by using the gate as soon as possible they also increased the attack size faster. So if you use the gate in the last few seconds every time it takes a lot longer before the attacks get harder and it is actually really doable. So my suggested solution would be to change the gate to a scripted switch at the interval of the current timer where it becomes impossible for a player to use the gate control themselves so they can't mess it up. Another solution could be to increase the cool down of the gate switch so that you can only use it like 60 seconds before the timer ends. I'm also not sure about adjusting the well placement. It is true that getting one well is harder on the east side, but this is compensated because there is a tower less at t3. By adjusting this both sides would become almost the same while it actually is nice that both sides currently are not fully identical which enables different strategies to be possible at different sides (for example take t3 orb before t2 orb on the east side). Here is a replay in which the gate is not abused and a replay where the gates were not used:
  9. For inspiration, here is a video of an old similar challenge with only pure factions:
  10. I was already wondering if the time from RadicalX and Hirooo was a run for this event or just a normal run with spells to mask their time. Cool to see that is was an event run and Im really looking forward to the stream/replay. Congrats to the winners and thanks for hosting this event!
  11. I also liked the challenge and honestly I was a bit surprised to be #1. Thanks for organizing it! I like that it was something different than just the fastest time with some conditions. Feedback for a similar event in the future could be to announce part of the event a few days prior so everybody could mark it in their calendar and prepare a bit (but keep some details hidden until start so players cant fully execute it already). Or maybe use a different tiebreaker like the number of total cards played could also work (the replay analyzer tool could help counting). p.s. in case anyone was wondering, I had no prior knowledge of this event.
  12. NAME: People are able to join my 1-player lobby DESCRIPTION: People are able to join my 1-player lobby of a community map. I had opened the lobby and then went to watch a replay. While I was watching, random people were able to join my group. This happened two times in a row while I was watching the replay, the second time I closed the replay and took the screenshot. REPRODUCIBILITY: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It was a community map lobby. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO:
  13. You need to install direct x 9: http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/4/A/84A35BF1-DAFE-4AE8-82AF-AD2AE20B6B14/directx_Jun2010_redist.exe
  14. Did you only play with a pure nature deck the past couple weeks or is the achievement also stuck when you play with a Stonekin deck (so only nature and frost cards, but including at least 1 card of both factions)?
  15. We really need some more information to be able to help. When exactly do you get this error? Do you get it each time or only once? Could you provide the log file? Etc.
  16. When was the last time you played? Any chance this was before December 18?
  17. Please try using a VPN, for example the free service of protonVPN
  18. Seems like your windows username consists of unsupported characters which makes the game unable to open the file. Could you create a new windows user account with only latin characters and open the game when logged in with that user?
  19. You should be fine as long as one of the two don't gift a lot of cards/bfp to the other one.
  20. My mistake, 10:00 UTC is correct
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