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  1. You can find it here: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Balancing
  2. That could be a modifier for random pve :p
  3. There will not be a separate Mac version, but some people have been able to run the game on a Mac using wine:
  4. Do you press on the blue dot/star before the title, or on the title itself?
  5. It should work normally for all threads that you have opened after the update. Threads that you read before the update will start at the first post the first time.
  6. This suggestion was indeed made before. However this is not so easy to create as you might assume because of how the game (currently) works. The developers will look into possibilities for sure but no promises, specially not in the near future.
  7. Maybe the game can't access the files in your my documents because your windows username is in a non-latin character set. You could try changing the location of your my documents folder to somewhere else, like d:.
  8. I think you made a mistake with your calculations. 3 wells = 96 seconds (50/(0.35 * 3 / 2)) 4 wells = 72 seconds (50/(0.35 * 4 / 2)) Additionally you get of course void power back from the resource booster once it gets destroyed, so with 2 wells it is even worth it if it stands over 14.3 seconds.
  9. This document should have the correct list, if you find any mistakes please let us know: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oMsqJ1IMx8hied3W1ZRtQ5YbpgD2_kBezviNSmSovjM/edit?usp=sharing
  10. The issue is not so much that people wouldn't like for their normal rank to be overwritten, but it is more that the normal exp progression system looses meaning if it is too easy for many players to skip these ranks. For example if the old system with the monthly speedrun exp would be implemented, what would be the point of earning a few 1000 exp in normal games while with just one run of Siege of Hope skips you get 2.4 million. The beauty of the normal pve ranks is that you can see from the rank which players have invested a lot of time in this (pve) game and which players are relative
  11. Keep in mind that one of the problems with these ranks is that it overrules your normal pve rank (at least how it works right now). So it should be special enough to make it worth the loss of the normal rank progression. To give you some inspiration, one of the ideas we had so far is a New Game+ experience which basically is a button to reset all your progression (bfp, cards, gold, etc.) which only is possible once you collected all cards fully upgraded. The reward for this would be these ranks, so after doing this 4 times you would become master of the Forge.
  12. Chronicle Keeper 14.400.000xp Loremaster 28.800.000xp Vigil of the Forge 52.800.000xp Master of the Forge 100.000.000xp Once you got the rank, you would always keep it it (so alltime)
  13. Did anything special happen during the match? For example other players leaving/disconnecting.
  14. As an alternative to the worldmap, I personally would like one lobby overview list where you could see all open game lobbies at once (that also refreshes each x seconds). Preferably with filters for difficulty, amount of players and an option to exclude specific maps. This would really help when you want to find an open lobby for any map on expert difficulty for example.
  15. It also works the other way around, you can trap enemy waves with a lost dancer for example by letting the dancer attack a squad unit near a building and press hold so they stay out of formation when begin scattered by the knockback.
  16. Hmm, that makes sense yes. In the lobby I was in that crashed, we were with 11 players that picked a spot and one without a spot. So it is possible a 13th player was joining the lobby instead of the 12th one picking a spot.
  17. Our server was down for a little while, could you try again please?
  18. Happened 2 out of 2 times to me too (in Ascension lobby). Third time we closed the lobby at 11 players and we were able to start. I didn't notice anything strange in the lobby before the last player picked a spot. Logs are in staff discord. I'm just guessing here but maybe it has to do something with the map number that the last player joins, or if there has been someone in the group that left. Or maybe it works if the last player was invited by the leader or if he joined the group at a time when at least 2 spots were still open.
  19. We are already working on this together with the community. There even is a discord server just to discuss balancing changes. Take a look for examples at https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/forum/79-card-balancing/ . Some of the proposed changes are already implemented on the test server.
  20. We are currently still updating the server. More info here:
  21. We are currently still updating the server. More info here:
  22. I was thinking of a 1vs1 custom map in which player A plays normally while player B is not allowed to spawn units and buildings, but could only use spells. However player B is helped by PvE units that spawn from buildings in intervals and attack player A. The PvE enemy also has camps with defenses. Player A wins when all PvE camps are destroyed while player B wins when player A is killed or the time runs out. So basically it is a PvE map for player A, but the PvE enemy is helped by a real player (maybe he should be able to micro the spawned units as well). Any map creator who wants
  23. Bit of a late response, but if anyone still wants to use the game borderless windowed, here is a howto:
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