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  1. Name: Crash when leader leaves and makes a new lobby Severity: 1 Location: Ingame Reproducibility: Yes Description: When you are ingame with a group and the leader leaves the match and recreates a new lobby (while you are still ingame) you get the popup screen of the lobby while being ingame. After 1 or 2 seconds the game crashes. Additional info: This seems to be an old bug that was resolved some time ago but it is back again now.
  2. MephistoRoss

    1 - Crash when leader leaves and makes a new lobby

    In the old Battleforge it was possible to create a new lobby as leader while people of the old match are still ingame I think. When the other players would leave the game later, they would end up in the same lobby and are able to pick a spot in the new lobby. I think when the new match starts however, the groups would split into 2 groups so that only the players who are ingame together are in a group together (players who are in not in any game would be kicked from the group, this happens when someone is in a lobby but hasnt picked a spot when the game starts). I am not 100% about this though, maybe someone else has more info? Maybe @Treim knows? However, the current solution also works I guess. It might be more user-friendly if we can disable the option to create a new lobby while others of the group are still ingame (with a system message as feedback when someone try it). Because now it can be annoying if you want to keep playing with the same people and you didnt realize someone is still in game. Getting kicked outside of the group can feel rather harsh.
  3. MephistoRoss

    3 - Trade sometimes doesnt work

    Name: Trade sometimes doesnt work Severity: 3 Location: Trade Window Reproducibility: 1/10, cant really pinpoint the problem Description: Chiaki and me were testing trade a bit. First I send him a card (waystation) through trade and it worked fine. After that he tried to send me the same card back but the buttons of our trade window got frozen. We were able to cancel the trade though. The card didnt show up on both our inventories until Chiaki relogged. After relog we were able to trade again.
  4. MephistoRoss

    3 - Trade sometimes doesnt work

    I havent encountered it anymore, but I also havent traded very much. Anyone else?
  5. MephistoRoss

    1 - Crash when leader leaves and makes a new lobby

    The leader is still kicked (with a message), but I dont think the lobby is created anymore without the leader so I guess it is fine now and it is supposed to work like this?
  6. MephistoRoss

    2 - Stuck in loading screen

    Name: Stuck in loading screen Severity: 2 Location: Loading screen of a RPvE match (motm) Reproducibility: Dont know how (yet) Description: Getting stuck in the loading screen still happens sometimes. It happened to me after when we finished a RPvE match with a group and the leader started another lobby. One player of the first match left so we were looking for another player. Some players joined our lobby and left until finally someone stayed and we could start the game which resulted in getting stuck in the loading screen. When I got back into the game after restart I didnt see the other players of the match online anymore so I think they got the same problem and didnt login again.
  7. MephistoRoss

    2 - Stuck in loading screen

    I havent experienced it anymore since you last patched it.
  8. MephistoRoss

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    On the old forum I kept track of the fastest speedrun times for each map over the last year of Battleforge (from April 2013 to the end). I will continue this list including the new records from Skylords Reborn starting from January 2019. All-time speedrun rankings: 1-Player Maps: Behind Enemy Lines: 11:9.7 Pritstift July 2019 Defending Hope: 20:35.5 Many players Encounters w. Twilight: 11.57.4 MephistoRoss April 2019 Mo: 11:19.0 Pritstift August 2019 Ocean: 15:40.0 Pritstift April 2019 Oracle: 18:27.4 Pritstift April 2013 Siege of Hope: 21:56.2 Many Players The Soultree: 09:25.6 Loriens May 2019 The Treasure Fleet: 15:25.3 MephistoRoss October 2013 2-Player Maps: Convoy: 05:52.3 Pritstift + Treim July 2019 Crusade: 09:41.2 Several teams Nightmare Shard: 09:02.8 Pritstift + Wanky August 2019 Nightmare End: 19:48.4 Dannyyx + ducarev August 2013 Slave Master: 11:47.5 Pritstift + Treim July 2013 Sunbridge: 09:58.3 Pritstift + Treim August 2019 The Insane God: 05:45.1 alexxserg + qmgtv July 2013 4-Player Maps: Bad Harvest: 02:43.0 ducarev + Halis + Hittimo + MephistoRoss August 2019 Blight: 13:45.4 LEBOVIN + Pritstift + Treim + Wanky March 2019 Empire: 13.14.5 ducarev + Halis + MephistoRoss + Speedy92 August 2019 King of the Giants: 07:49.3 BLU3FIRE + Dannyyx + ducarev + MephistoRoss July 2013 Raven's End: 17:16.9 LEBOVIN + Pritstift + Treim + Wanky April 2019 The Dwarven Riddle: 05:54.1 LEBOVIN + Pritstift + Treim + Wanky March 2019 The Guns of Lyr: 02:37.6 ducarev + Halis + Hittimo + Speedy92 July 2019 Titans: 16:04.6 Several teams July 2019 12-Player Maps: Ascension: 19.13.3 ahha + alexxserg + BattlemageII + Dannyyx + ducarev + Earlygirl + IAmNoDude + IndeedPepe + Naturee + smookes + vSKORPIONv + XxBlueFirexX April 2013 Passage to Darkness 06:19.6 BLU3FIR3 + Dannyyx + DeSaDmAnWalkin + detyman + DEUTSCHLANDd + MephistoRoss + Pritstift + SkillBr4in + Stephanxy + Treim + XxLordSafixX + Zack404 June 2013 Battlegrounds (note that this map is different each month): 1 Player: 14:09.1 RadicalX March 2019 2 Player: 15:19.0 ducarev + Loriens March 2019 4 Player: 9:35.2 LEBOVIN + Pritstift + Treim + Wanky March 2019 Here are several speedrun replays on youtube: http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/557-speedrun-links/
  9. MephistoRoss

    Custom maps collection

    If anyone wants to use old custom maps as inspiration for making a new one, I uploaded all custom maps I could find on my PC here. If you have any custom maps that are missing, please also upload & post them here so we can play them all again once Battleforge Reborn is launched. This includes: 11603_pvp_02p_haladur 11603_pvp_02p_haladur_llthyll_upload 11605_pvp_02p_simai 11607_pvp_02p_wazhai 11608_pvp_02p_elyon 11609_pvp_02p_lajesh 11610_pvp_02p_uro 11611_pvp_02p_yrmia 11706_pvp_06p_fyre 11711_pvp_04p_nadai T4 12601_pvp_02p_skjal 12601_pvp_02p_skjal2 2vs2ocean arŠne battlearena bino up and down all elementhe_143 brebalthar Castle Wars Christmas Defense CircleTD crazylabyrinth deathmatch_3vs3 deathmatcharena die sterblichen EverchangingLabyrinth First_PvPE Flame TD frozen death fyre Haladur PvPvE Haladur2n2 ID_Tester infi_td LavaPvP legion's revenge v2 MasterLabyrinth2 maze of survivors Murexa Spectator Nyasad Spectator Power_Test pve 3 Random Unit 2 RenderSettings River Crossings Sandbox Simai 2n2 Map snake spellfight3 stumpfland1 stumpfland2 stumpfland3 stumpfland4 stumpfland5 stumpfland6 stumpfland7 stumpfland8 Survive Survive PvP Survive4 T1 fight! Spectator the last stand The Race The_Last_Soultree Tower Defence 2 twilight isle beta2 Twilight vs Bandits Umbabwe TD Umbabwe TD 4P urazch and infestor Uro 2n2 Map Yrmia Winter Edition Battleforge_Custom_Maps.zip Emmaerzeh maps update august 2019.rar
  10. I would add thunderstorm to clear units. Also the other frenetic assault affinity.
  11. MephistoRoss

    1 - Crash when leader leaves and makes a new lobby

    On live there is still a bug now when the leader leaves and creates a new lobby while someone is still ingame. The leader now gets a message that someone is ingame in the old group and the leader gets kicked out of the group (half). The new lobby still gets created though (without the leader in it) and when others join that lobby they get in group with the leader (while the leader still cant see the lobby). Additional info: If the leader recreates a lobby, all seems to go to normal again.
  12. MephistoRoss

    (2) - Bad connection causes game crash/freeze.

    In the EA days, when someone had connection problems all players would have lag/freeze for some seconds (sometimes much more than 5 seconds though) and if it would take too long the player would get disconnected. There was a negative side effect however: when the player got reconnected or disconnected, the game would speed up very fast to make up for the frozen time (in which players were not able to do anything). If it happens like 1 or 2 times during a match, the freeze option (max 5 seconds) sounds good to me, especially if you are able to not introduce the same side effect as EA did. What will happen though if someone has a really unstable connection and this happens several times during a match (for example every minute)? Maybe disconnect the player after x times within a certain time frame?
  13. MephistoRoss

    1 - Crash when leader leaves and makes a new lobby

    On test server it seems fixed.
  14. MephistoRoss

    bitte um hilfe zum download..

    You need to install Direct X 9. Please take a look in the following thread for more troubleshooting when launching the game: Please talk only English on our forum btw.
  15. MephistoRoss

    2 - Stuck in loading screen

    If that is easy, yes. Maybe even add a button to relog?
  16. MephistoRoss

    PvE expert replays with commentary

    Nice job. Your English is not that poor btw. I'm looking forward to watch more of your commentaries. Do you only want to use your own replays to comment on or would you also like some replays of others? I've added your replay to the Summary of expert maps replay thread:
  17. Name: Client gets stuck after wrong password Severity: 2 Location: Login screen Reproducibility: 2/2 Description: When you launch the game, insert an incorrect password you will get a message "Please wait 3 seconds before relog". If you insert the correct password after the 3 seconds and press the login button, the client gets stuck. I waited quite some time and finally had to windows force close the application.
  18. MephistoRoss

    2 - Client gets stuck after wrong password

    Confirmed fixed.
  19. At several threads, podcasts and shoutbox conversations the Devs mentioned things that will be changed and things that will stay the same in Skylords Reborn. This thread is meant as a summary of these decisions/proposals so people can easily see the course that is set out by the Devs for our beloved game. Of course keep in mind that the Devs can always change their mind and not everything mentioned here is a final decision (I will update this post if anything changes). Confirmed to stay the Same: 1. First of all the Devs made it very clear that they want to release the game as close as possible to the old Battleforge (last version). So all 'core' parts of the game will be included. (Podcast #1 with Dexirian) 2. It will still be possible to earn upgrades for your cards (U1, U2, U3). (Podcast #1 with Dexirian) 3. Cards (balancing) wont get changed in the first release, but maybe the Devs will make some changes after the server is fully working. (Podcast #1 with Dexirian) 4. BFP currency will not be removed and players won't start with all cards (InsaneHawk @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/772-please-remove-bfp-give-us-all-cards-instant/&page=2) 6. Setting the in-game avatar to card pictures will still be a bfp-paid feature (500 bfp), altering this price of this is still up for discussion in the future (MrXLink @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/801-ingame-avatars/) 7. It will only be possible to make one character for each account (at least at the initial release because this is a client limitation) (Blank @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1025-multiple-characters/#comment-24368 / InsaneHawk @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1196-past-broadcast-05092015) 8. "if we do our jobs the cards will ~ be valued the same" (Blank @ chat 24-08-2015) 9. The upgrade lootlist of PvE maps will stay the same (InsaneHawk @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1196-past-broadcast-05092015), however this might change: MrXLink @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1863-poll-future-loot-lists/ Changes: 1. The way to acquire BFP will change, it will not be possible to pay for BFP or anything else (except donations for the server). (Podcast #1 with Dexirian) 2. To earn BFP, a daily quest system will be implemented, also BFP earnings based on time played will be added (with a soft or hard cap). BFP can also be earned by tournaments and events like map making. (Podcast #1 with Dexirian / MrXLink @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1163-current-proposal-rewards/) 3. Proposed booster ratio (not final): 1th card: 19.5% chance ultra rare, 80% chance rare and 0,5% chance of getting a promo, 2th card: 20% chance rare, 80% chance uncommon, 3th card: 25% chance uncommon, 75% chance common, 4th card is uncommon, 5th,6th,7th and 8th card are commons (MrXLink @ Twitch chat during broadcast 5-9-2015) 5. 1bfp boosters will disappear. (InsaneHawk @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/736-1bfp-boosters-news/) 6. There will only be more than one type of boosters 7. Daily Rewards such as "login and earn bfp" aren't going to exist. (InsaneHawk @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1107-questionbfp-s/#comment-25859) 8. The token currency will be removed from the game (InsaneHawk @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1196-past-broadcast-05092015 / MrXLink @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1116-bfps-at-the-start/#comment-26155 / MrXLink @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1275-current-proposal-tokens-gold) 9. Gold will be used to buy card upgrades (token replacement) (InsaneHawk @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1196-past-broadcast-05092015 / MrXLink @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1227-the-point-of-two-currencies/#comment-28110 / MrXLink @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1275-current-proposal-tokens-gold) 10. Gold cannot be sent through in-game mails (and still also not be traded) (MrXLink @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1227-the-point-of-two-currencies/#comment-28110 / http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1227-the-point-of-two-currencies/#comment-28166 / MrXLink @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1275-current-proposal-tokens-gold) 11) Multi-accounting is strictly forbidden 12) The starting F2P deck from the original Battleforge will not still be the starting deck. It will however be a deck only consisting of commons (MrXLink) Other info: 1. The technical Alpha will start at 30 September 2015(DragonOfTime @ chat 20-08-2015 / fiki574 @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/572-bfreborn-faq/) 2. The technical Alpha will only consists of the forge + social features, so no real missions/pvp. (Podcast #1 with Dexirian) 3. Access to the Technical Alpha will be given to 20 selected members who contribute value to the community on the forum, so it is not based on the amount of posts. Later the amount of people will be increased. (Podcast #1 with Dexirian / InsaneHawk @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1196-past-broadcast-05092015 / InsaneHawk @ Teamspeak 6-9-2015) 4. There is no expected release date set (yet). (Podcast #1 with Dexirian) 5. Donators will not get any in-game reward (InsaneHawk @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/687-donator-badge-reward-boost-for-donators/ & DragonOfTime @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/935-about-bfp-and-promo-cards/#comment-24128 ) 6. No different language forums will be implemented as the Devs want the community together in one place (MrXLink @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/907-need-create-russian-forum/&page=2/#comment-22786) 7. People for the closed beta will be more randomly selected members than for the closed technical alpha (InsaneHawk @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1196-past-broadcast-05092015) I will try to keep this post updated as much as possible, but in case I missed something or misinterpreted something, please let me know (preferable with a reference or quote from the Devs). Usefull links: Summary of all discussions: http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/952-updated-topics-suggestions-recap/ Progress thread of server development http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/835-development-statements-from-shout-box/ Fan made content and promotionals: http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1148-fan-made-content-and-promotionals/ FAQ: http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/572-bfreborn-faq/ Global forum rules: http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/460-global-forum-rules/
  20. MephistoRoss

    Account deleted?

    It was gone when battleforge was shut down in 2013. The good thing is that the game is completely free now, so you will be able to earn new cards by playing.
  21. MephistoRoss

    Card vanish in the auction house

    Wait what? How are the devs supposed to fix things in beta if people dont report issues during beta?
  22. MephistoRoss

    Trade glitched out and cards were lost

    Both try to re-login please.
  23. MephistoRoss

    My sons and I have three accounts

    As long as you only make 'fair' trades and don't give everything to one account you are fine. Playing on each other's account is not allowed.
  24. MephistoRoss

    Game crashes when ingame with people

    Could you try to redownload the client? Maybe on of the files got corrupted.
  25. MephistoRoss

    Game crashes

    Could you try to redownload the client? Maybe one of your files is corrupted.

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