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  1. Thanks for the clarification! I've only been playing for a month so I wasn't familiar with the achievements and was confused by the wording, but it makes sense now.
  2. Update: I just played a game with a mixed nature/frost deck, substituting Northguards in place of Spearmen, and it advanced the "Rock 'n Roll" progress (to 5/10 matches). I then switched back to a full nature deck (reversing that substitution) and played the same map, and the "Rock 'n Roll" achievement stalled once more (it's still at 5/10 matches). I'm attaching my latest log in case that helps. _log_proxy_latest.log
  3. I've only been playing with a pure nature deck. I'll try a mixed nature/frost deck in my next game and will post back. Thanks!
  4. NAME: Rock 'n Roll achievement progress stalled? DESCRIPTION: My progress for the "Rock 'n Roll" achievement (Play PvE games with a deck consisting of only frost, nature or frost/nature cards) has been stuck at 4/5 matches for a couple of weeks now. Meanwhile, my progress for the "Life Finds a Way" achievement (Play PvE games with a deck consisting of only nature cards) continually updates, and is currently at 20/35 matches. LOG: Attached _log_proxy_latest.log
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