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  1. Death Ray is not summoned even the altar gathered 5x ships with sunstrider troops...(Advanced Difficulty)
  2. Hello, have a nice a day ! Today, i logged in my account , i have not played for 5-6 month and i found that my account was deleted.It was registered but without any profile and make me start from beginning. I feel bad. I played so much to get my account deleted? I have a bad impression about this community.I don't know why this happened
  3. UTC+2(Romania) _launcher_log_2020.03.28_108.log
  4. I think this is it _launcher_log_2020.03.28_104.log
  5. I don't know why but when i play , ocassionally , game is crashing , the screen freeze,but i can go to options...Tonight crashed for 3 times...
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