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  1. But please do not forget that all accounts are still checked, for example, if there are strange trades among each other!
  2. Numbers are not anymore relevant..... But 2850
  3. haha Lucker (lucky) xD... I try it since yesterday, but i did not have played it one time xD... Everytime the Disconnect Error, but i hope they have it fix it in the next Days.... Greetz
  4. Then you are guilty !!! It is not too much to browse a few pages where people have the same problem. Otherwise you would have had the answer directly. For some, that's probably too high xD.... Sry FOR ALL!!!
  5. Of course it is exaggerated. But to read a small article is really not too much to ask. Let the developer fix the error in peace. Finished. You do not need to constantly write the same mistake here. That is not asking too much. FOR ALL
  7. People, the connection crash is NORMAL. Wait until they fix it. The Devolper know the problem already, give them some time, THANK YOU !!!!
  8. Support from Ultrakool: It's the first day, hopefully we can fix some things tomorrow .... So guys, stay tuned and hope it works tomorrow. I hope you get it fixed soon. Thanks for the Work. Greetz
  9. thanks but there isnt a folder from BF^^ But i have it :D... Folder: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Microsoft\CLR_v4.0_32 All inside delete and it works again :D....
  10. Not work, i come not back ingame...it hit me evertime back on my desktop :(... new download did not help either
  11. small question. how to delete the graphic settings... my fault: i activate the full screen mode and can not go back xD...
  12. There is an error: If you have a "-" or "+" in your password, the client says the password or email is wrong. Please remove the "-" or "+" to log in. And i think we need a second Server :D... Greetz
  13. Congratulations to you two, i hope it goes now a little bit faster :P.
  14. Bf1, Starcraft 2, FC Primal, EFT, Hunt Shodown, PUBG, Fortnite, RS6 and some other shit :D...
  15. I think I made a small mistake on yours Booster page: https://dev.skylords.eu/views/booster.html Open Booster works, only the opened cards are displayed as errors. Screenshot or in attach. I just wanted to inform you about it. Thanks for your work and have a nice evening. And sry, my English is not the best :P. (Sry, hope it is the right section o.O?) Greetz
  16. We say: Thanks for your Work @SkylordsReborn Team <3... It is bad for us, but that is what your need to do! We stay behind you and hope the Game works later Perfect and are very happy, that you bring it back. Thanks, we love you <3.
  17. Hope the best's for the Beta Want to Play :D..... Best Game...Thanks for your Work!
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