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Introducing... Ladadoos and Zyna! Our new Client Developers

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Hello Skylords

It has been some crazy weeks for us on the development side, and we're making huge progress everyday, thanks to all our testers! There's sooo much going on right now that we can't tell you about in the current state the things are, but the next official stream we're planning is nearby!

Also I'm taking a moment to let you know, we have 2 new arrivals in the team! As Client Developers which are @Ladadoos and @Zyna Congratz to both of them!
They've been really helpful since the past months, that we decided to add them officially in the team, they'll work on everything related to the client. Thanks to them, you'll notice when you'll play the game, QoL (Quality of life) improvements, new features etc..

Also, some of you may remember "Tokens" that used to be here to buy upgrades in the past, as we said a few times, this system was a pure mess for us, and really not relevant, and there has been discussions about it being removed. So here's a quick preview (WIP) of the modifications we've made alongside Ladadoos and John, and now golds are being used for that matter.



Thanks everyone, and see you soon in the forge! ♥ :hypetrain:

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47 minutes ago, Chibiterasu said:

But without the tokens, there's no point in playing rPve now...

I don't think that's a good change tbh. Unless you give the people another motivation for rPve.

Care to explain more? Because for example MrXLink explained why it would be a good change: 


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4 hours ago, fiki574 said:

Care to explain more? Because for example MrXLink explained why it would be a good change: 


I like that you try to make gold more usefull but I think removing the tokens could lead to some problems.

The most popular way of upgrading cards was to play rPve because the matches were quick and you got many tokens out of it. Also tokens were the reward for playing PvP. When you remove these rewards, there will be way less people who play rPve and maybe also PvP. On the other site the rewards for normal Pve stays the same which leads to an unbalanced reward system. Especially if you just want to upgrade your cards as quick as possible, you are forced to play normal Pve now since it's way more effective than the other modes.

So I would like to see a replacement of the PvP and rPve rewards to give the player a different motivation to play these modes (especially rPve). But with only two kinds of currencys I don't see a way for a different motivation. Though maybe this problem will be solved automatically with the quest system you want to build in.

I think I just want to play battleforge with as few changes as possible to the original :D

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@Ladadoos @John Awesome! New dev members = more progress. Do your best and thanks for your work.

@Chibiterasu Removing tokens was a good thing to do. The only reason for them where micro transactions so why should they remain. I played a lot and never had any issues to get all the points without grinding them so every player who is interested in the game shouldn´t have any problem with this change at all. But for beginners it´s easier to obtain enough stuff for the upgrades without being forced to play lot´s of rpve or high level rpve. 

You want to play the game with as few changes as possible to the original? 

There are two giant changes: 

1. It´s all free to play and it will only life by it´s community 

2. The people running this game now realy care for the game the reason this game died was because there weren´t any changes (new maps,cards,quest ....... )

So i think this was a nice first step onto the right path. 



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4 hours ago, SkyOx said:

Will you leave the charges system as it was ? I've always thought charges should be automatically added when we upgrade a card, so we don't have to get several copies of the same card.

Anyway, welcome to both of you in the team ^_^

Yes, the charges system will stay the same. So you need extra copies of a card to apply to upgraded cards to get the charges.

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