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Happy Birthday Skylords Reborn !


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Hello guys,

it's been over 2 years now (day per day) since this project started, Blank and me met on this day after a PM on ragezone (for people who don't know). We never thought it would go that far away, and with as much people that we have right now, this project is really something amazing and represents a lot for us. Even if it's taking a lot of time, you have to know that we're doing our possible to make that happen, and it's really hard sometime, and having you guys here, keeping the hype up, and sending us all those really nice comments really gives us a lot of hopes about the future of this project and we really appreciate them, all of them, sincerly :$ so we want to thank you all for that <3

Thank you all for all the support and .... Happy Birthday Skylords Reborn !!! <3 :hype:

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Where is my "Hail Sykole" title, I see nothing assigned to my account Hawk.



I, Sykole vi Britannia wish you the best regards and congratulations deep from my heart! <3 

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already been 2 years? god damn time goes by. I wasn't here for the entirety of it but still, god damn xD Happy B-Day Skylord Reborn! And once again thanks to everyone working on this game :hype:

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