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  1. Radagosh

    Closed Beta Applications

    Right, so lets give this a try. Firts off I am not very active on the forums at this moment, mainly because I cant discuss the game without actually playing it. On Discord, however, I like talking. My name's Radagosh#6370 there and I like having fun with the people there while also being helpful. So back in the day I played BF mainly pve, I ventured in pvp but I was a sucky teen that didn't like losing and didn't want to become better. I still don't like losing but I like getting better now, so that's a plus. I would probably be able to spare at least an hour a day to play the game. Currently experiencing a content draught in my other game (Warframe) and already got to the endgame of Dauntless (rip me). So yeah would be happy if you had me test some good old bf for a change.
  2. Radagosh

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    praise RnGsus
  3. Radagosh

    Happy Birthday Skylords Reborn !

    Happy Bday - can't wait to finally play this game again

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