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Promo Card Giveaway( For new Closed Beta Testers)

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Greetings New Beta Testers,


As we draw close to the phase where you will be added to The Glorious Closed Beta within the next weeks or perhaps even days :o I would like to welcome you by offering you a Promo Card of your choosing as a Welcome Present. Of Course we are still in a phase where you can have "unlimited" BFP, and you will eventually spam boosters for hours and get all cards and promos should you so wish, I thought it would be a nice gesture :) So use this thread to post one card you would like to have, and it will await you in the forge( Should I have it :P )

Welcome to the Forge(soon) and may the Odds be Ever in your favor!


@John @Datenschutz @Avire @bergerb @PsyChung @demimond23 @Khazad @Saim25 @SirUmaga @Lukaznid @KhongtheFork @Aleksay @Crusty616 @FRMIMo @Chimerae @Dzodin @Navarr@RacingGamer @Esamor

Lukaznid: Grinder.d

Chim: Harvy.d

Dzodin: :rogan: .d

Khazad: Harvy/Mo.d

KhongtheFork: Viridya?.ign needed

FRmimo: Jug.d

John: Harvy.d

Aleksay: Lyrish knight.d

begerb- promo mo.ad

psychung-promo mo

demimond: promo mo

crusty: mo or jug

Avire: Lyrish.d

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