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  1. Zmaxter liked a post in a topic by Flrbb in Option to create "Buy" listing on Marketplace   
    I suggested something very, very similar. Devs werent much exited about the idea, because they do not want to touch the AH. Same arguments as having an external way to access the data from AH - which I can understand.
  2. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in Test server Ultra Major Update   
    They are just like they were before. 
  3. Loriens liked a post in a topic by Flrbb in Game coming out when?   
    there is a test server?
    ...so basically the comunity is split in half due to two different servers?
  4. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by LEBOVIN in Winter Forge   
    Hello Skylords,
    I would like to propose a cosmetic skin for the Forge that would be used as an activatable option during winter season. Technically this does not pose too much of an issue. I also went ahead and created a first draft of the Winter Forge to give u some ingame screenshots below: 

    An alternative option would be to redesign the entire forge perhaps even put it in a different location, but that would lose the old spirit.
    I hope you like it! Let me know what u think of it.
  5. Karl Lavafeld liked a post in a topic by Flrbb in Battleforge undocumented details   
    Some (if not all units) do have a varity of attack animations. These differ in duration and dealt damage. So, the above number of 20 seconds is just roughly an average number by all means.
    Similar to Breeding Ground this one does help your allies, too.
  6. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by Ponni in Additional statistics under Profile tabs   
    As a statistics nerd I feel there is a need for more statistics for things in the game. There are some good things already now on PvP, PvE and stuff about the cards you own, but there are a few things I miss. From what I can see there should be some room on these two tabs under Profile for quite a lot of rows of text:

    So, I want to suggest the following statistics to be added if available, somewhere in the tabs above, for each players own statistics:
    - Number of matches that have been played in total.
    - Number of matches that have been played for 1p, 2p and 4p rPvE maps (percentage on matches won is already there so then you can calculate yourself..).
    - Number of matches that have been played for 1p, 2p and 4p PvE campaign maps. (I guess data for individual campaign maps could be a bit difficult to add as it would mean like 25 rows..) 
    - Number of hours in game and in matches.
    - Number of BFPs earned by quests.
    - Number of BFPs earned by selling cards on the Market Place. (If possible the number of BFPs that have switched ownership on Direct Trade)
    - Number of boosters opened.
    - Number of cards sold on the Market Place. (If possible the number of cards that have switched ownership on Direct Trade)
    - Number of cards sold on Market Place by rarity, eg. how many commons, how many uncommons, etc.
    - Number of cards you have bought on Market Place by rarity, eg. same as above...
    These are the ones I can think of right now. I am not sure what this would mean for the load on the database but I guess information like this can be indexed in a good way and that it doesn't stress the environment too much.
    // Ponni
  7. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by Kybo in Inflation Incoming!   
    I'm a new player myself and I can't say anything about former prices.
    But as far as I can tell, boosters already make for the best BFP-sink. The BFP used to buy them is completely out of the game.
    If older players would receive less or no boosters from quests then they would be more incentivised to buy boosters again or buy cards from other players who in turn use the money to buy boosters.
    This way increasing the amount of BFP leaving the came and reducing the rate at wich new cards enter the game. Effectively reducing the rate of devaluation for both.
    In the end the amound of BFP entering the game should somewhat be equal to the amount leaviing the game through bought boosters.
    This ist what their value is tied to after all since they have no other uses.
  8. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by LEBOVIN in Rifle Cultist   
    Necrofury cannot Hit air units, 1 point for rifle cultist 
  9. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by NBpanda in His/Her -> Their   
    I wanted to suggest that the use of "his/her" within the game (such as "join his/her group" or "look at his/her deck") should be changed to simply "their". Not only is it clunky and disrupts the sentence flow, it excludes players like myself due to the dysphoria it can induce and can leave us not being comfortable playing the game because of it. It seems counterproductive to allow an "other" gender option and use inclusive language in posts on this forum, but to then continue with outdated gendered language in the game itself. 
    It's just a subtle change that opens the game and community up to another demographic, and is also a quality-of-life change that makes the text easier to read for everyone. 
  10. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by Cocofang in Balance proposal: Amii Monument   
    An argument for Amii as a reward for completing expert maps that I have heard is that the game would benefit from a motivator to get people to play story maps.
    darkwarrior on discord just threw an idea into the room: Have promo cards as rewards.
    This idea is infinitely better since promo cards are nothing more than fully upgraded regular cards with a different skin. So absolutely no options would be gated behind this approach. Unlike with Amii, where LOADS of possibilities would get shut off from most people. I am pretty much always in favor of more options, not less. People love the promo cards so removing them from the booster drop pool and instead utilizing them as achievement of sorts would definitely be a motivator for players.
    Currently there are a total of 14 promo cards in the game, I am sure they could serve well as a guiding force for players to give them goals they can strive towards. And all without locking unique options.
  11. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by Cocofang in Balance proposal: Amii Monument   
    "Amii is so OP and broken! People are using it to finish maps too fast! That is so bad for the game."
    "We should give Amii to the good players only to widen the gap between what options they have and what the rest does. Sounds good."
    Anyone else sees the disconnect in logic here?
  12. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by new guy in Balance proposal: Amii Monument   
    I had finished all maps on expert during the EA times as a challenge to myself. But now on Skylords reborn I didn't bother Clearing all maps on expert mostly because there is no Benefit in doing so (and some maps are just - excuse my language - a huge pain in the ass).
    I really didn't like Amii when it first came out, mainly because i didn't have one and secondly because I thought it was gamebreaking. During the downtime of BattleForge I got older, maybe even a bit wiser too and think different About Amii beeing in the game. It became part of the game and we should accept that. Since it is a very powerful card (especialy in speedruns) I like the idea of it beeing behind a player "skillcheck". First you got to do the dirty work before you can enjoy Valhalla.
  13. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by Kubik in Rifle Cultist   
    I posted link to this topic to discord
  14. fiki574 liked a post in a topic by Flrbb in 3 - badge after level up   
    Well, thank you for your appreciation.
    And, yes, I do understand.
  15. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by Cocofang in "Pure" decks. Are they viable?   
    I'd say you play mono decks for flavor. Because you enjoy it and not because it's good.
    I don't think there is literally ANY mono deck that couldn't be improved by changing one or two orbs. The T4 mono cards are all pretty underwhelming for how restrictive they are. Green Forest Elder is nice. But Nature itself is such a good allrounder and can get away with playing it mono. Dreadnought is powerful but clunky to use. Shadow Worm is pretty useless without support to sustain it. Moloch is slow and therefore worthless. Batariel is strong but also works best with support.
    Meanwhile just slapping one nature orb into any deck gives you amazing T4 with Grimvine and Giant Wyrm. And insane support spells like Regrowth, Revenge and Equilibrium. Give me those any day over any mono T4 cards.
    You can probably beat any campaign PvE map with a mono deck. But I wouldn't expect to ever be as efficient, fast or successful as a mixed one.
    As an added drawback your concerns regarding the price are probably justified. You always have to consider that the market value is extremely volatile with how small the community will be. The prices for certain cards can be easily manipulated, the market can be cornered and the lack of supply can just generally have all kinds of wacky effects. With that being said, judging from the AH prices during this stress test the mono T3 and T4 cards were mostly pretty expensive. Avatar of Frost, Juggernaut, Spitfire and Abyssal Warden are the mono T3 cards that end up being on the more expensive side. Satanael is mid range. Northland Drake is cheap because it is so common. Mono T4 is expensive with Dreadnought, Shadow Worm and Forest Elder. Batariel is dependent on the affinity. Either low or mid range. Moloch is somewhat cheaper. That's all just from memory.
    Of course that assumes that you really want to fully commit to mono and not only actually need 3 orbs of the same color but leave your deck mono anyways.
  16. Navarr liked a post in a topic by Flrbb in Quest & Achievement Suggestions Megathread   
    Here's just another idea for rewards. A daily challenge, the same for all players. The callenge will be assembled from two subsets.
    1) a certain map
    2) (odd) restrictions for your deck
    So a a challenge would be like: beat Sunbridge without nature cards. Or beat Siege of Hope just with shadow cards. Beat Guns of Lyr without any cards from t3. Do not use spells. You get the idea.
    For multiplayer maps a challenge would be successfull, if all players decks meet the restrictions. Depending on how harsh incisive the restrictions to your deck is, the bigger should be a linked factor to the reward - playing a map without e.g. Bandit or legendary cards is not that complicated, copared to playing without e.g. nature cards or without spells/buildings.
  17. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in Just a "BIG THX"   
    I think I can speak for the team when I say that we really appreciate you taking the time to make posts like this. 
    When times get tough this is our fuel to carry on  See you in the forge skylord
  18. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by Upoo in Just a "BIG THX"   
    Monday in a group of friends, a cousin mentioned the name "Battleforge", after reading a news on a certain website about the evolution of the RTS style of games.
    Curious with the progress of the game today (I knew that the original server had closed its activities) I went in search of possible servers (unofficial ones) and to my surprise I came across the Skylords.
    I would just like to thank those involved in this project for the dedication and great work you have been doing.
    I've had time to play for only 2 hours..... but I'm really enjoying what you've done, and the game community seems to be very receptive to who's coming back.
    It's good to be back. I miss this game so much... i had too much fun with BF in the past, i hope i can have good times here. 
    And... Sorry about my "bad english", my native language is not english, and the few about english i know.... i learn from games.
  19. JarodDempsey liked a post in a topic by Flrbb in Guns of Lyr Expert   
    There are several waves coming. But they are triggered from different effects while playing. The following might not be 100% accurate, but it should be close enough.
    1. Lets call it a "constant stream". This is the basic attack of enemies. I do not know how they are triggered (by time or after the last wave was destroyed), but basically after you killed one wave you'll have a short time to recover and then the next bunch of enemies do come. After (roughly) 5 minutes, if I remember correctly, there is a decent "upgrade" to the enemies which are coming. From now on, you'll face some units which have a spell blocking aura. Also, enemies are up to "L", so they hit quite hard. As all (?) of them are not ranged, flying units like Mana Wings are a good way to go. There are some more "upgrades" to this enemy waves, but they are not as crucial as the first increase, just because your mates on 3 and 4 should be ready when these hit your wall.
    2. After each of the countdowns runs out, there is a bigger wave of enemies (up to XL units).
    3. This one is the final wave. After you killed all the dragons and everything big the Twilight has on its side no other (null, nada, zero) enemies follow from that side of the map. If on both side all units from this wave are dead, you have won the game (you do not have to clear all the camps). They spawn as soon as a certain building is destroyed. These two buildings can easily be identified. Near to the starting places of player 1 and 2 is a wall, which your units cannot cross, to the corner. There are lots of buildings in red (fraction-wise) and just one in orange (or the colours are vice-versa). You can ignore all the red stuff, only the orange one counts.
    As a side note: usually players 3 and 4 have to kill the 3 bases to the left and right side of the map to open up the gates to reach the orange building. With some tricks - e.g. Rifle Cultists - you do not have to open the gates, because you can destroy the orange building over the wall. This speed up the game play.
    Another side note: after a period of time, if the 6 bases on the left/right sides are not destroyed, they also emit waves of monsters. If players 3 and 4 are really fast (most are not), you finish before these waves are coming.
    Anyhow, position 1 and 2 are quite easy. But you have to plan with T1 only. All you need are some towers, some units to mount the wall and maybe some crowd control or spells to inflict damage. On the other hand position 3 and 4 need a specialized deck. No a specific one, but it has to fit this map and strategy. With that and some planing even positions 3 and 4 are at best medicore.
  20. Kilian Dermoth liked a post in a topic by Flrbb in to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?   
    I'd say McLongDickson is (basically) right.
    There is an imbalance between the game modes. But because most players are frustrated when something gets nerv'd, I'd say you should strengthen the loot distribution of the campaign missions. If a player gets a guaranteed upgrade he doesn't have yet (out of the upgrades available on a specific map) then the appeal to play campaign missions would be higher. On the other hand, it might lead also to a ceased player base, just because you get your upgrades faster.
    If you buff campaign on this way, then there should be a bug to PvP, too. But I do not play that, so no idea how to do so.
    As a side note; the way BF is conceived it has an end! (Only random mission intercept this a bit) The campaign missions are (very) limited, so is the card pool, too. Probably a new Orb color could buffer this. I am playing roughly since 9 month and I have collected almost all cards...
  21. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by LEBOVIN in Could some cards get a speed buff?   
    Slow speed is one of frost‘s key weaknesses so I think that should stay, increasing dps is ok I guess.
    and yeah you can use nether warp to travel very fast 
  22. Cruzakei liked a post in a topic by Flrbb in Inconsistency of PvE Scenarios   
    Some thoughts on your nature/frost deck:
    - upgrade breeding gound to level 3, asap (nature and stoneskin tend to have costly units, the bereeding ground compensates for it)
    - if you want to manipulate the void in that deck, add shrine of memories (that deck has lots of spells, might worth it)
    - coldsnap and curse of oink might be a bit much (both serve the same purpose). oink is faster (instant CC), but your rageflame benefits from coldsnap. personally dunno which one to keep
    - your t3 only has costly units. as result it might take some time until you do have a big enough army to engage t4.
    - the aggressor serves the same purpose as oink and coldsnap; aggressor does only little damage but is a great CC. personaly, I'd replace it with razorshard
    - I'd add another t4 unit (you just have 2 to summon until your "long recharge penality")
    - personaly, I' like healing garden very much. It's ability is global, so each spell get more efective. you just have to build two buildings to keep it up all the time...
  23. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by Raizoru in Construct - Battleship - Nether Warp   
    Nether warp is okay and all but you are overlooking another good option here:
    The Tunnel Network
    Deepcoil worm + Infused Burrow ritual and or the Tunnel building
    Attack damage buff from burrow ritual, healing from nature orbs and you just run your fast deepcoil worm out ahead turn it into a tunnel and BAM all your slow high damage frost units are instantly teleported across the whole map at once AND, deepcoil worm in tunnel mode counts as a structure so you can use homesoil thats even more bonus damage! also this only requires 1 nature orb (for healing too) so you can still add in a shadow orb for offering and buff spells.
    Side note, doing this is a lot of fun and I recommend using life weaving and revenge with maybe a regrowth on your deepcoil so it cant be easily killed if you charge it into enemies.
    Also optional, add a fire orb and use shrine of war for void power.
  24. Tam Hawkins liked a post in a topic by Flrbb in reverse AH   
    Instead of offering cards you enter a "want to buy a certain card for a specific price".
    Don't know how it affects the economy, but right now it sounds like a good addition to me. You instantly could get some BFP, if you want to buy a card. Also it could stabilize the prices a bit.
  25. Loriens liked a post in a topic by Flrbb in Addition to deck cloning   
    When you clone a deck you cannot really tell which cards you miss. You have to ask again for the other deck to search manually for missing cards.
    A short notification (via chatbox) which cards are missing would be cool!

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