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Guns of Lyr Expert


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Mostly pos 1 and pos 2 just defend their wall with t1. Pos 3 and pos 4 take t3/t4 as fast as possible and help to defend the walls and kill the main Twilight base to trigger the endgame attack.

So I suggest you start by taking pos 1 or 2 with a good frost or nature t1.

Im happy to play with you if you want, just whisper me when Im online in the game.

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There are several waves coming. But they are triggered from different effects while playing. The following might not be 100% accurate, but it should be close enough.

1. Lets call it a "constant stream". This is the basic attack of enemies. I do not know how they are triggered (by time or after the last wave was destroyed), but basically after you killed one wave you'll have a short time to recover and then the next bunch of enemies do come. After (roughly) 5 minutes, if I remember correctly, there is a decent "upgrade" to the enemies which are coming. From now on, you'll face some units which have a spell blocking aura. Also, enemies are up to "L", so they hit quite hard. As all (?) of them are not ranged, flying units like Mana Wings are a good way to go. There are some more "upgrades" to this enemy waves, but they are not as crucial as the first increase, just because your mates on 3 and 4 should be ready when these hit your wall.

2. After each of the countdowns runs out, there is a bigger wave of enemies (up to XL units).

3. This one is the final wave. After you killed all the dragons and everything big the Twilight has on its side no other (null, nada, zero) enemies follow from that side of the map. If on both side all units from this wave are dead, you have won the game (you do not have to clear all the camps). They spawn as soon as a certain building is destroyed. These two buildings can easily be identified. Near to the starting places of player 1 and 2 is a wall, which your units cannot cross, to the corner. There are lots of buildings in red (fraction-wise) and just one in orange (or the colours are vice-versa). You can ignore all the red stuff, only the orange one counts.

As a side note: usually players 3 and 4 have to kill the 3 bases to the left and right side of the map to open up the gates to reach the orange building. With some tricks - e.g. Rifle Cultists - you do not have to open the gates, because you can destroy the orange building over the wall. This speed up the game play.

Another side note: after a period of time, if the 6 bases on the left/right sides are not destroyed, they also emit waves of monsters. If players 3 and 4 are really fast (most are not), you finish before these waves are coming.

Anyhow, position 1 and 2 are quite easy. But you have to plan with T1 only. All you need are some towers, some units to mount the wall and maybe some crowd control or spells to inflict damage. On the other hand position 3 and 4 need a specialized deck. No a specific one, but it has to fit this map and strategy. With that and some planing even positions 3 and 4 are at best medicore.


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