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  1. Hi there, Minor, quality of life suggestion here: aline the shortcuts Y, X, C and V from "natural" Monuments and Amii Monument. To get rid of the discrepancy I suggest to keep the original shortcut layout of; Y for , X for , C for , V for and change Amii Monuments shortcuts accordingly. I always used and will use shortcuts in RTS, this bothered me now for way too long and has no good reason to stay in the game. I'm sure many have accidentaly build the wrong orb because of this and now we have the chance to get rid of this minor, but enraging discrepancy. Any other thoughts
  2. new guy

    Rifle Cultist

    I don't really like the suggestion tbh. Everytime I use the Cultists besides offering the only two thing im worried about are: scilence and knockback. Giving immunity to them would make the Micromanagement quite a lot easier which is great right(!?), unfortunatly it also dumbs down the game. I don't see any reason to make a very usefull, utility-unit to give even more Utility. Besides that, it just doesn't fit the unit. "Steadfast" is a rare peark, especialy on S units, which fits on Phalanx but not on Rifle Cultists.
  3. I had finished all maps on expert during the EA times as a challenge to myself. But now on Skylords reborn I didn't bother Clearing all maps on expert mostly because there is no Benefit in doing so (and some maps are just - excuse my language - a huge pain in the ass). I really didn't like Amii when it first came out, mainly because i didn't have one and secondly because I thought it was gamebreaking. During the downtime of BattleForge I got older, maybe even a bit wiser too and think different About Amii beeing in the game. It became part of the game and we should accept that. Since it i
  4. Searches for numbre of cards could also be included. Something like they do in Hearthstone with the search "extra". Further keywords could be "Affinity:<shadow/fire/forst/nature>" and "Owned:<1/2/3/4/4+>". Maybe even "Owend:0" to take a look at cards not in your posession. Just some ideas. Do with it what you consider best for the game.
  5. Good Point, even though I wouldn't consider this an actual problem. Sure, let's hear his opinion. While we're at it, maybe make the seachbar accassible with a shortcut like Ctrl + F. In my opinion, limiting the searchfunction to one keyword would also be sufficient. Then the visible space wont be a problem ever.
  6. Use the search bar itself like the mentioned games do. The searchbar doesn't have to get any bigger it's big enough. As example, unitsize:M, "siege" or even lager ones like attack>2500 counter:XL really aren't long keystrings. Hearthstone's gamepedia page on their "Collection Manager" (section 1.1 Search) Path of Exil's &nbsp;gamepedia page on their "Stash" (section 5 Hilight Items) A couple of Images i took in PoE from their stash searchbar.
  7. I think the searchbar in the inventory (forge) could use some upgreads for more and more specific searches instead of the current Options searching by: - Name - Colour - Tier - Type - Rarity I'd suggest something I've seen implemented in Hearthstone and Path of Exile. Instead (or in addition) of the rather clunky select/deselect options we have right now, I'd like to search counters, unit size or even attack values in the searchbar (a.e.). To search for these keyword-terms the player would have to put "unitsize:M" aka "keyword:value" into the searchbar. It could maybe also be us
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