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Winter Forge


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Hello Skylords,

I would like to propose a cosmetic skin for the Forge that would be used as an activatable option during winter season. Technically this does not pose too much of an issue. I also went ahead and created a first draft of the Winter Forge to give u some ingame screenshots below: Screenshot_1.thumb.jpg.a7f49825d5e81d068e21eb48ef03e20f.jpg





An alternative option would be to redesign the entire forge perhaps even put it in a different location, but that would lose the old spirit.

I hope you like it! Let me know what u think of it.


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On the screen right now it looks too bright for eyes. Idea is really cool.

10 minutes ago, Karl Lavafeld said:

different forges  you can buy for bfp or gold would be at least something you could spend your bfp or gold if u have all cards.^^

 if you could also switch between them ingame. 


Just imagine Lost Souls or Twilight themed Forge)

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