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  1. Upoo

    Looking for help to make Maps

    I've never worked with battleforge maps ... But ... let's say I have a very strong creative side ^^ I'll watch the video on this topic and try to stay active here [if anyone is still interested in making maps] I already have a slight idea for creating one (but I do not know if there is something like this). As soon as I leave work (today) I will post a small sketch of what I have in mind.
  2. Upoo

    What do you Love?

    Cheese bread is something very unique .... The "flour" that is used has a very laborious preparation, and those of good quality are usually made on farms by small farmers, so it is difficult to acquire. For me it is easy to acquire, because I live in a small town and here several still produce the flour by hand. But ... every time I make the "family recipe" I end up eating from 20 to 30 .... haha
  3. Upoo

    What do you Love?

    My fiancee, my 2 dogs, my 5 cats. Games (they keep me healthy) Pizza, cheese bread (something only who lives in brasil can understand)
  4. Upoo

    Where are you from?

    Brazil And for us is "Brasil"
  5. Upoo

    WTB T3/T4 units

    i'm currently using a deck with Shaman (some1 gave to me xD) Windweavers, Spirit Archers Gladiatrix Magma Hurler Giant Wyrm Will be nice, nature or fire units so i can fit them into my deck... but any color (cheap) will be nice too :) Thx for the link, i'll try to make a small list when i get back to home!
  6. Upoo

    WTB T3/T4 units

    I started on skylords about a week ago and my progression is a bit 'complicated', because I have not had much time to get ingame. But I've done all the daily quests and got some "cash points". I currently have a few Tier 3 and 4 cards and to complete the "hardest" missions this type of cards becomes necessary. So I decided to create this topic so I could try to get some Tier 3 and 4 cards. I will not specify which cards (for I can not remember all their names.) Just keep in mind that I'm looking for cheap cards! because I do not have many BF points! If this kind of topic is prohibited (because i'm not puting some kind of list of cards....), i'm sorry and remove it. Leave the card name and price here. If i have the points to buy it i'll contact you.
  7. Upoo

    DROP RATES (%)

    Let me see if i understand it right.... The maps don't drop the card, but the "upgrade" for the cards? So... if i want a shaman, i have to try my luck in a booster pack or buy it on auction house? And now i understand the drop rates. i have to put 1/xx [1, card i want] [xx, other cards droped in the map]
  8. Upoo

    loot for comunitymaps

    My fault, I misunderstood the information. xD Just ignore what i said. Smile and wave.
  9. Upoo

    DROP RATES (%)

    Thats the spreadsheet i mentioned in my post. But sadly there is no drop rate :| So... i have to keep trying right? Anyway ty xD
  10. Upoo

    loot for comunitymaps

    I have a small sugestion..... 10 map difficulties. Odd maps 1,3,5,7 drop cards in tiers T1 (difficulty 1), T2 (difficulty 3), T3 (difficulty 5), T4 (difficulty 7). Peer maps, 2,4,6,8 would drop T1 upgrades (difficulty 2), T2 (difficulty 4), T3 (difficulty 6), T4 (difficulty 8). Difficulties 9 and 10, would drop special types of loot, which would be decided by the staff.
  11. It's friday mates, time to grab a beer and play till saturday rises.

  12. Upoo

    DROP RATES (%)

    Well, i see 2 "guides" in the forum, talking about drops of cards and upgrades. First is one link to a spreadsheet containing the list of drops from all maps. And the other is this link "http://allcards.skylords.eu/" I'm trying to drop a "shaman"... Last night i played the "encounters with twilight" a few times, and no drop..... I know i played just a few times (5 or 6), but... there is any kind of site/spreadsheet where i can find the %% of drop of any card?
  13. Upoo

    Question about "reset on full release"

    i'm already not encountering any but (just lag) xD
  14. Upoo

    The story behind your nick.

    Well... the story about my nick is kinda REALLY OLD. When i started playing ragnarok online "2003"... i started with a assassin, with this character my plan was to help my friends with the leveling process. So my first nick was "Upoo_Vc_De_Graça", translating for english is like "leveling_you_for_free". The intent of the nick was to describe what i'll do with the assassin. As the time passes, i change the nick a bit from the frase to just one word "upoo". But sometimes i use another nicks too, using references to old games.

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