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Advanced Filtering - collection sorting with search bar commands

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What is Advanced Filtering?

Your card collection has clickable filters like rarity, orb colour, and more. But there is also an extremely powerful search bar that accepts special commands to filter your cards. Below you will find a list of all those commands with some explanations. (Please note, due to the necessary formatting, this article will look weird on mobile devices.)



Basic Filters

Command Example
promo: + 1 or 0                                                        `promo:1` (Instead of 1/0 you can also use: true/false, yes/no)
flying: + 1 or 0   
ranged: + 1 or 0  
melee: + 1 or 0  
name= + exact card name   e.g.: `name=Mo` (exact match)
name: + part of card name  e.g.: `name:enli`
name? + approximate card name   e.g.: `name?abonimation`
class name= e.g.: `class name=Soldier` (exact match)  
class name: e.g.: `class name:Archer`
class name? e.g.: `class name?Dominatrix`
ability=  e.g.: `ability=swift`
class: + ID (or SR assigned name)                              e.g.: `class:female`
rarity: or rarity= + rarity name*  e.g.: `rarity:rare`
affinity: or affinity= + affinity name   e.g.: `affinity:shadow`
edition: or edition= + edition name (or ID)   e.g.: `edition:twilight`
colors() e.g.: `colors(nature, !fire, !shadow)` to see only nature, and Stonekin
  `colors(fire, !other)` to show only fire cards
colors=() exact match, e.g. `colors=(fire, nature)` to see only Twilight
size: + type e.g.: `size:XL`
counter: + type e.g.: `counter:XL`

* Not yet implemented

Affinity names: `shadow`, `nature`, `frost`, `fire`, and `-` or `none` for cards without affinity
Edition names: `3` =`twilight`, `4` = `renegade`, `5` = `lostsouls`, `6` = `amii`, `7` = `rebirth`
Color names: `fire`, `frost`, `shadow`, `nature`, `neutral`, `other`
Size and Counter types: `S`, `M`, `L`, `XL`, `special` (special is used for buildings or magic)

Number Range Filters



power* + number range                                       e.g.: `power>300`
damage + number range  e.g.: `damage>500`
health + number range  e.g.: `health>500`
upgrade + number range e.g.: `upgrade<3` to show cards that are missing an upgrade
charges + number range  e.g.: `charges<3` to show cards that are missing a charge
copies + number range  e.g.: `copies>4`  to show what to reforge
ID + number range (mostly for internal/development use and for the search in market feature)

* Not yet implemented

Combining Filters



Logical OR matches at least one of the filters. If one is matching and the other is not, it will return a result.
Logical AND has to match both filters. Only if both conditions apply will it return a result.
Logical NOT inverts the result. Beware that not all filters can be inverted, that's why it may be advisable to use !(filter).
Wrapping the filter with `( )` does not change it in any way, but allows easier organization.


Error Tolerance

? Name
?<number> Name

The question mark will help you to search a text with error tolerance. If you know the card name, but you are not sure about spelling, you may use this. You can also use ?<number> to specify the error tolerance you want, e.g. 'name?5' for up to five typos in the name. If you do not specify the tolerance level, level 3 will be used.

“?Light blade” will find “Lightblade” even though the search input had a space in it – “?1Light blade” would also work (because it only contains just one typo).

Custom Filters (not yet implemented)


You can create any custom filter you want, `Documents\BattleForge\custom_filter_extensions.json` contains some examples.
In-game you can use `*name*` (where `name` is the name of the custom filter), e.g.: *shiny*

Market Place Filtering

Advanced Filters also work on the marketplace – for example, if you want to see all cards that you do not own yet, you can use 'copies<1' to find out:


Filter Examples

class:Dragon                          Finding dragons for the Draconic Desolation achievement
class:Female                           What works with Girl Power?
charges=3 & copies>1          Something you might want to sell on the market
charges=3 & copies>4          Something you might want to Reforge
charges<3 & copies>1          All cards not fully charged, but you have additional copy, so you might want to apply it
rarity>2                                To see only rare and ultra-rare cards

Suggest your best filters in the comments, so we may add them to the examples!

Keyword List – Languages and Synonyms



`name`, `nom`, `название`
`class name`, `classname`, `klassenname`, `nom de la classe`, `название класса`
`ability`, `fähigkeit`, `capacité`, `способность`
`class:`, `klasse:`, `classe:`, `класс:`

`affinity:`, `affinität:`, `neigung:`, `affinité:`, `свойство:`
`fire`,  `feuer`,  `feu`,  `огонь`
`frost`, `glace`,  `мороз`
`shadow`, `schatten`, `ombre`, `тень`
`nature`, `natur`,  `природа`
`-`, `none`,  `keine`,  `aucune`,  `нет`

`colors`, `color`, `colours`, `farben`, `couleur`, `цвета`
`fire`, `feuer`, `feu`, `огонь`
`frost`, `glace`, `мороз`
`shadow`, `schatten`, `ombre`, `тень`
`nature`, `natur`, `природа`
`neutral`, `neutre`, `нейтральный`
`other`, `andere`, `autre`, `другие`

`edition`, `édition`, `Издание`
`3`, `twilight`, `zwielicht`, `crépuscule`, `Сумрак`
`4`, `renegade`, `bandits`, `Отступник`
`5`, `lostsouls`, `lost souls`, `verlorene seelen`, `âmes perdues`, `Потерянные Души`
`6`, `amii`, `Амии`
`7`, `rebirth`, `wiedergeburt`, `renaissance`, `Возрождение`

`1`, `t`, `y`, `yes`, `true`, `j`, `w`, `ja`, `wahr`, `o`, `v`, `oui`, `vrai`, `д`, `и`, `да`, `истина`
`0`, `f`, `n`, `no`, `false`, `nein`, `falsch`, `non`, `faux`, `н`, `л`, `нет`, `ложь`
`promo`, `промо`
`flying`, `fliegen`, `volant`, `летающий`
`ranged`, `reichweite`, `à distance`, `дальний бой`
`melee`, `nahkampf`, `mêlée`, `ближний бой`

`power`, `power cost`, `cost`, `energiekosten`, `energie`, `kosten`, `coût en énergie`, `énergie`, `coût`, `Энергия`, `стоимость`
`damage`, `dmg`, `atk`, `schaden`, `dégats`, `dgt`, `урон`, `атк`
`health`, `hp`, `lebenspunkte`, `lp`, `santé`, `pv`, `здоровье`, `xn`
`upgrade`, `aufwertung`, `mise à niveau`, `улучшение`
`charges`, `ladungen`, `заряды`
`copies`, `kopien`, `копии`

`rarity`, `seltenheit`, `rareté`, `редкость`
`common`, `c`, `co`, `copper`, `bronze`, `red`, `orange`,   `häufig`, `gewöhnlich`, `kupfer`, `rot`,   `commune`, `cuivre`, `rouge`,   `обычный`, `медь`, `бронза`, `красный`, `оранженый`,   `1`
`uncommon`, `u`, `uc`, `silver`, `grey`, `white`,   `unhäufig`, `weniger häufig`, `ungewöhnlich`, `silber`, `grau`, `weiss`,   `peu commune`, `argent`, `gris`, `blanc`,   `необычный`, `серебро`, `серый`, `белый`,   `2`
`rare`, `r`, `ra`, `gold`, `yellow`,   `selten`, `gelb`,   `or`, `jaune`,   `редкий`, `золото`, `жёлтый`,   `3`
`ultra rare`, `ur`, `ultra-rare`, `ultrarare`, `platinum`, `diamond`, `blue`, `turquoise`,   `sehr selten`, `ultra selten`, `ultraselten`, `platin`, `diamant`, `blau`, `türkis`,   `platine`, `bleu`,   `особо редкий`, `ультра-редкий`, `ультра редкий`, `платина`, `алмаз`, `синий`, `голубой`,   `4`

`special`, `spezial`, `spécial`, `особый`, `?`
`s`, `m`, `l`, `xl`
`size`, `armor`, `armour`, `grösse`, `rüstung`, `taille`, `armure`, `размер`, `защита`, `броня`
`counter`, `weapon`, `konter`, `waffe`, `contre`, `arme`, `против`, `атака`, `оружие`'

`|`, `||`
`&`, `&&`


Final Notes

There is an always up-to-date version of this information in your Skylords Reborn\docs folder.

Additionally, for more information about why this system was created, and how it works, feel free to read HERE.

A special thanks goes out to @Kubik, who made this awesome feature possible and keeps on developing more features for it.

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Awesome stuff and I feel terrible asking for more features already. 🙃

One of my most common use of the advanced filters is for reforging. Usualy I reforge 3 Commons + 1 Uncommon/Rare, but see myself copy-pasting the same two filters for every reforge-quartett.

The filter command "rarity" is technicly already there - just in the UI, but all build in (UI) toggle filter options do not allow for advanced filtering queries.

tl;dr: filter command "rarity" please @Kubik@Kubik 😘

edit: filter command "rarity" confirmed, developed and soon™ implemented. 

As soon as rarity gets to live servers, this is my filter collection:

Reforge (3x common + 1x uncommon):


Reforge (3x uncommon + 1x rare):


Reforge (3x rare + 1x ultra rare)


Reforge (4x duplicates):


Trade (all duplicates):




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