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Skylords Rookies #1 17.01.21


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Hello new Skylords!


The first tournament was fought out and we have a champion. But who might become the first squire? All the newer players may gather to show off their freshly gained skills! Veteran Skylords step aside, it is time for the new recruits to put up a show.



The tournament will be a best of three single elimination tournament. Should a lot of participants register again the format might be changed to best of one again.

The access to the tournament will be restricted, only players who...

...are not part of the top 40

...have a w/l ratio of below 60%

...feel like they are rookies

are allowed to enter the tournament. I will recheck some of the entries personally.

If you have doubt wether you are allowed into the tournament either ask me via discord or ingame.



Prize Pool! (stay tuned)

1st place  - 1200 BFP

2nd place - 800 BFP

3rd-4th place - 550 BFP

5th-8th place - 350 BFP

And one free Boosterpack for everyone participating!

Big thanks to the devs who sponsor the ENTIRE prizepool again!




On 17.01.21  starting on 2pm CET (Berlin time), the stream will start about 30 minutes in advance.




The tournament brackets will be on Challonge, so register and join the tournament there. Use your in game account name to make communication and finding your opponent easier.

The streaming channel that will be covering the tournament is DasToggy on twitch.tv.

In case of problems contact me or one of my mods via Discord, Battleforge or in the stream.


Twitch mods: Karlmann90, Lynntaki, TheFatherJack

ingame: Karlo





-No bugabuse, cheating or insulting the other players. Penalties may vary from a warning to default loss.

-Disconnection during a game results in a default loss. If both sides agree it is possible to have a remake.

-Not showing up to your match after 15 minutes results in a default loss. The plan is to play a round of matches every ~30 mins.

-After your match, go to Challonge and insert the result. That is done by clicking on your match and selecting the winner/stats . The brackets will be updated automatically.

-The Map Pool is:

1st round: Haladur, 2nd round: Simai, 3rd round: Wazhai, 4th: Elyon, 5th: Lajesh, 6th: Uro and 7th: Yrmia (same pool as in ranked duel). The first match of the round will be played on the fixed map, then it is losers choice.  The winning player (who won the last match in this bo3) also has to lock in his deck first.

-The brackets for the tournament will be shuffled before the tournament starts.

-Use your account name for the tournament. If your Challonge account differs from your Battleforge account name use the "Sign up with an alternate name" feature or change your name for the tournament in the settings. Finding your opponent will be a LOT easier this way. If you do not register for the tournament with your Battleforge name we cannot find you for the prizes!


Reply in this thread if you have questions, I will check it out later. Also recheck this thread before the tournament starts, there might be changes to rules, format,mods or prizepool.



Best regards,


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31 minutes ago, Eirias said:


Why don't you just make 2 sections?

You mean why I do not host one tournament with two groups, one for rookies and one for the rest? Well because I cannot stream both and still want to give them a chance to shine. Also this might help with strategical advice or explaining PvP matchups in general. A lot of newer players like to watch the top10 but their games play out so differently.




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1 hour ago, olekkrol said:

These are free pvp decks? Or it can include some minor changes with your own cards?

You can use Free PvP decks in the tournament, and you may adjust them as you wish, with your usual cards, to suit your playstyle.

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Sadly I have to sign off due family stuff came up 

I see someone already mentioned but I can agree that for example Friday/ Saturday or at least different time (later than lunch time ) would work better in future imo

GL for everyone !



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4 hours ago, Kreliin said:

Cool tournament, I'm signing in!

Kreliin ign

GL everyone, I think this might get really fun for everybody to watch and play :)


4 minutes ago, WasWie said:

 I'm signing in

ing: WasWie


Writing anything in this thread has no meaning. Neither of you are signed.

To take part, you must register and log in to Challonge website linked by Toggy, and participate in tournament through the website.

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45 minutes ago, Ultrakool said:

Is there any number to the maximum of entrants that result in 3 games as opposed to 1?

I guess after 128 the switch to best of 1 for 3 rounds should be necessary to keep the tournament below 6 hours. Since it is single elimination though I will try to keep it bo3 as long as possible.




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3 hours ago, Majora - MidnaMistfire said:

Can you swap or adjust your decks: 

- between rounds?
- in the middle of your best of 3?

Yes both, the only rule regarding decks in a best of 3 is that the winner of the previous round has to lock in first.




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Schöne Idee, gerne wieder. Änfanger Level naja.. Ich habe noch nie PVP gespielt, von daher bin ich ohne Erwartungen gestartet, aber bei den Ergebnissen die in der Übersicht zu sehen sind jedesmal 2:0 Win, denke ich das die meisten keine blutigen Anfänger waren... Kein Flame an dich oder die Spieler, werde gerne wieder teilnehmen, danke für die Orga, Preise, etc. weiter so!

Nice idea, gladly again. Beginner level well .. I've never played PVP, so I started without any expectations, but with the results that can be seen in the overview every time 2: 0 win, I think most of them weren't even beginners ... None Flame to you or the players, will be happy to participate again, thanks for the organization, prizes, etc. keep it up!

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