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  1. Are there more flexible positions for the developer side of things? I don't know if I could commit 3 hours a week, but I might be happy to drop in now and then and fix a bug or two.
  2. I like the free PvP decks, it lets people jump straight into PvP. I think it would be reasonable to explore having every card unlocked for PvP, this could then also allow for PvP specific balancing. And/or PvP rewards should be increased, so that its somewhat viable to actually unlock all the cards and upgrade them yourself through only playing PvP.
  3. Taxing feels bad, and it could just make things worse (e.g less people list items, easier to manipulate markets). Imo, just add price ceilings and floors, so in the worst case we know the max price that newcomers will have to pay to get deck x or card y. I like trading, its a big part of why I like the game, but the market is very punishing to players who don't follow it and I don't think newcomers or others should be punished for not wanting to invest time into the market.
  4. Hotkeying a building and pressing "z" every 30 seconds is neither skillful nor a meaningful mechanic. Make it automatic and leave us more room to play with actually interesting mechanics.
  5. NAME: Mail from AH lags the game DESCRIPTION: Receiving mail from the AH hangs the game, this effect seems to be multiplied when multiple mails are being received at once. In this example, I had ~30 AH offers expire at the same time, I was ingame at the time and it caused my game to hang/freeze for about 2 minutes. You can usually observe this effect whenever you get a mail from the AH, but it is more noticeable when multiple items expire. REPRODUCIBILITY: Setup multiple AH offers (not sure what the threshold is), go into game when there's ~3mins left on AH items, wait til they expi
  6. +1 to Saturdays. At least I can kinda justify pulling an allnighter on a non-work night
  7. Any chance for a GMT+10-friendly time?
  8. Is there anyway to get data when an item is actually bought/sold on the AH? Or are we limited to just the listings (the information we would normally be able to obtain via the game client)?
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