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  1. I know nobody cares, but last sunday really made me appreciate the few responsibilites I had as a young adult Thanks for the tournament, especially to organizers, casters, players, sponsors, mods and viewers! Had a lot of fun participating GGs to all! My glorious exit series (lol) from the tournament in the lower bracket semi finals vs Alphabet got featured on the stream ✌️ next time morklay with the proper upgrades will be there 😄 honestly didn't imagine I'd make it this far, props to @desconhecido and @Eirias who played good games! Until there's an offical replay h
  2. Hi Skylords, apologies in advance for spelling & in case I picked the wrong subforum. I recently posted a status update encouraging people to use the replay-website bfleague.com. 5 days ago I got ingame modmail asking me if it's my site or if i'm just using it (see screenshot attached). Note to devs: It wasn't possible for me to reply ingame! I'm making this thread for two reasons: I'm not affiliated with bfleague.com in any way and just stumbled over it in the forums I think an offical replay hub should be high priority for stronger commun
  3. did you know:

    you can find and share replays on bfleague.com -(not my site)

  4. Hi guys, a bit of a wall of text while i escape the heat after work, hope the formatting works out. You wouldn't know me. Just know i enjoy competitive RTS and had around 60 ladder games on Skylords, but stopped around march(?), when most PvP players left. I'm posting this in hope of getting some more opponents on the ladder in the future. I highly appreciate the map and balance changes, though i guess a little too late, as even during EU rush hours, PvP is mostly quite empty - or maybe right now everyone is just catching up on that sweet vitamin D? I think
  5. My case was not to take the free pvp cards away from players though, for me it's about the precrafted decks. and regarding this: To be fair, the way collection mode is implemented with no rankings its obvious and no surprise that it's unpopular, even if I personally like it. I am not in favour of splitting the pvp base further though
  6. Congratz to the winner(s), gg to all and thanks to the organizers and sponsors!
  7. It does "indeed take a long ass time" to what? Get all the cards? Sure, but not one was proposing that.. Even with the least generous approach of just twilight edition: it would literally cost just ~120 BFP to build i.e. the pure frost meta deck! You already get 250 BFP for 45 minutes on a single day, EXCLUDING daily quests. The most expensive cards that could be a hurdle right now would be disenchant or nether warp (which still would be just 4 days of 45 minute play time doing the quests), but i would agree those should be part of a core pool anyways. Also I already conceded that I think it w
  8. There is just a single other ultra rare card out of the 20 twilight ones in the decks (which is parasite swarm), however i agree that those should be included in a provided pool. Yesterday i edited the op so you might have missed this: to elaborate: I think it would "subliminally increase deck variances" simply by having players go through the process of adding 20 individual cards to the deck and additionally providing some different options. I'm sure cards like wrecker or wrathblades which actually are viable would see more play than they are getting, even by good players. And
  9. great meme. I have read this and this which don't really touch on restructuring current pvp in a way of still giving players free upgraded pvp cards to stay competitve, but removing the easy template and incentivizing building and collecting (a bit at least) on their own. Have you actually checked the current PvP decks? Most of the decks only have around 3 non twilight cards you completely missed the point
  10. First off: I played Skylords Reborn for almost a month and want to humbly thank everyone in the project for investing so much time to bring back a wonderful game that was ought to be put to rest almost a decade ago thx. Suggestions: Remove the free pvp decks Replace with every common, uncommon & rare card of the twilight edition, upgraded and charged, (and maybe a few keycards of the other editions) for PvP Reasoning: Lots of new players starting right now who don't know all the cards yet There's rarely any deeper thought in building your
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