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  1. LetsEinfallslos002

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Someone knows if the Mega website support a download for hours? tried mediafire today, as i come back they cancelled the download serverside because it took to long
  2. LetsEinfallslos002

    Open Stress Test Information

    Well, bad and good news that it got delayed... for the same reason as your developers: I have more time to learn for my exams
  3. LetsEinfallslos002

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2516 over a third of the waiting time done this month.
  4. LetsEinfallslos002

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2606 of course. Secret tip: If you have to remember a code of 4 digits, remember the whole number instead, so you have to remember 3 less numbers. (not helpful)
  5. LetsEinfallslos002

    Open Stress Test Information

    I thought only the download of the skylords reborn launcher that you put in the game folder is downloadable then. But does those restrictions really point to the gamelauncher itself, too? The team itself won't give the download of the original files.
  6. LetsEinfallslos002

    Open Stress Test Information

    Only in small areas of Hagen are good connections possible. Luckily I go for another city in about a half year But back to the topic: I hope it is uploaded within the next days because..hey, beta members should be very trustworthy and they have the client files as far as i think in logical way I mean you are only changing the skylords reborn launcher, right? So let's see who is comming up with the upload for the client we won't have to wait till middle or end of january, will we?
  7. LetsEinfallslos002

    Brothers surprising Desktop

    But why battleforge 2 times?
  8. LetsEinfallslos002

    Open Stress Test Information

    Really hope the client itself (not the launcher from skylords reborn, i mean the battleforge client) is getting uploaded soon, because it is really shitty with downloads here..talking about under 200kb/s
  9. LetsEinfallslos002

    Hearthstone Tournament 10-11 December 2016

    You forgot to set me on the list who enter the tournament, shame on you!
  10. LetsEinfallslos002

    Skyrim Special Edition

    I don't see a difference between skyrim with all addons and the special editon. I have both and play the old one.
  11. LetsEinfallslos002

    The first pictures on google image, when you type your pseudonym

    One of my Let's Play games
  12. LetsEinfallslos002

    Hearthstone tournament October 8-9

    Dall, I won against you. Please edit that.
  13. LetsEinfallslos002

    Hearthstone tournament October 8-9

    No problem for me. I just have to play two games at the same time like always then, because i promised one to play with him something today
  14. LetsEinfallslos002

    Hearthstone tournament October 8-9

    I am in
  15. LetsEinfallslos002

    Hearthstone tournament 24-25 september 2016

    I am feeling well with second place. Next time I my goal ist to win at least 1/3 of the match against Geradon.

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